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A Brief History of the Andrews Family
by Peter Charles Andrews
The information handed down through the Andrews family in England to the present day was that Andrew McGregor came from Rannock Moor,just south east of Glencoe in the highlands of Scotland. He was accused of sheep stealing and was pursued by irate farmers into the south of England,possibly on horseback where he managed to evade his pursuers,finally disappearing some where near Salisbury Plain,Wiltshire. Later Andrew changed his name to Jonathan Andrews and on the 30 March 1771 married Jane Rook of the Parish of Downton,in the Parish Church of St. Laurence,Downton,Wiltshire. Jonathan is shown on his marriage certificate as coming from the parish of Broad Chalke,Wiltshire. Peter the eldest known child of Jonathan and Jane was baptised at the St. Laurence's Church,Downton on the 31 January 1772. The other two known children were Betty,baptised at Langford,Wiltshire,2nd January 1774 and a son William who was baptised on the 14 January 1790,at Bishopstone near Salisbury. It is through the assistance of Olive Kynes,of Exmouth,Devon England that the early history of the Andrews can be related. Olive is a descendant from William Andrews.
Jonathan is believed to have moved to the Parish of Bishopstone and lived in a cottage in front of the school from 1779 to 1817. Jonathan was believed to have been a Land Tax Assessor,although at the time of his marriage both he and Jane signed the marriage certificate with a cross,possibly because they could not write. No information is yet known of Betty,Peter's and Williamís sister. William is believed to have been born in the house in front of the school. William married Mary Ann Abraham of Britford,at Britford,Wiltshire on the 8 October 1812. They had 9 children,5 boys and 4 girls. Jonathan died in April 1818,aged 77 years and his wife Jane in February 1826,aged 78 years.
Peter Andrews,the eldest son of Jonathan and Jane was a carrier and farmer. He married Susanna Munday/Mundy at the Parish Church at Downton Wiltshire on the 4 March 1793 and both signed the register with a cross. Peter is shown as coming from Homington Parish,Wiltshire. Peter and Susanna had ten children all of whom were baptised at St. John the Baptist Church,Bishopstone. There were 7 boys and 3 girls. Abraham the 7th born child was a farm servant at Bishopstone and was born on the 24 November 1808 . On the 20 October 1829,he married Sarah Gibbs in St. John the Baptist Church. They had three children whilst living in Bishopstone, Jane, born 3 December 1830, Eliza,born , 14 October 1834 and George,born, 11 February 1838. Because of the poor working conditions Abraham & Sarah decided to migrate to New South Wales,and with a total of 57 people left Bishopstone on the 1 May 1838 and travelled by waggon to Southampton and steamer to Cowes,Isle of Wight where they boarded the ship " WOODBRIDGE" for the voyage to Sydney Cove. They arrived in Sydney Cove on the 15 September 1838. The cost of migrating the 57 men women and children from Bishopstone was 150 pounds and this was paid by The Earl of Pembroke in the sum of 50 pounds and by the Parish of Bishopstone ,who borrowed the money from Messrs Hittey and Co., Bankers of Salisbury,Wiltshire. The 100 pounds was repaid in four yearly instalments of 28 pounds 2 shillings and sixpence,including interest. Abraham and Sarah were employed as farm servants on the property of James Chilcott at Glennies Creek and later on at "Dulwich". Abraham purchased his own property known as "Happy Valley" near Mt. Olive and in 1882 the property comprised 213 acres and had 40 head of cattle and a number of fine horses. He was able to assist all his family and prior to his death in 1882, all had their own properties. There were a further nine children born to Sarah & Abraham after their arrival in 1838,the first being Charlotte,born 1840 and the last Peter born in 1856. Seven of those nine and the three children born in England lived to adulthood and reared large families. Descendants of Abraham and Sarah we have been able to find in our research including spouses number almost 8800 and we estimate there may be another 3000 yet to be located. Further information regarding members of the family in Australia can be found elswhere in this book.