George Augustus Shearer 1815-1887

George was transported to NSW on the convict ship “ WESTMORELAND” arriving on the 15th July 1835. He was shown as 17 years of age and an errand boy. He was convicted in the Glasgow Court,Scotland on the 19th September 1834 of house breaking and sentenced to 14 years. He was described as five feet four inches in height,ruddy complexion,light brown hair with hazel eyes. He had a scar on the left cheek near his mouth. On the 1837 Muster of Convicts the master for George Shearer was L.G. Irwin - Sydney. He was granted a ticket of leave on the 25th July 1845 and proceeded to Patrick Plains (Singleton District) in the service of Helenus Scott Esquire for 12 months. He was granted his certificate of freedom on the 22nd February 1850,20 months after his marriage to Eliza Andrews.It would appear George carried out farming in the Glennies Creek area during his marriage to Eliza,who died on the 24th February 1873. George married again to Annie Paul (Pole) on the 18th December 1873 and 5 children were born of this marriage.The will left by George shows his estate was left to the wife and the surviving children of his second marriage.George took up a property at Glennies Creek near the Bridgman Post Office and called the farm “Glen Lomond” and resided and worked the property up to the time of his death. His will was made on the 26 January 1887 at “Glen Lomond” and he died on the 1st April 1887.