Clifford Stanley “Col” Shearer 1915

Col was brought up on his parent's property at Tantawangalo and at the age of twelve years he left school and joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1928. He trained at Jervis Bay for 3 years and then did another 3 years at Portsea Victoria. He remained in the Navy up until 1972,serving almost 44 years. He was an Engineer and served on several ships during World War Two including H.M.A.S AUSTRALIA. 33 years of his time in the Navy was spent at sea away from Australia. Shortly after his marriage in 1938 he was at sea for two years before seeing his wife again.One occasion his ship was transferring pregnant women from a war zone. The ship picked up 80 pregnant women under the cover of darkness and by the following morning all the women had given birth to 80 babies. There was one doctor on board and he was assisted by some male medical orderlies.Navy clothing was used for nappies and to clothe the newborn babies. After the death of his wife,Sarah,Col married Rose Winmer-Baiker and they came to reside at Hornsby.