William Andrew “Bill“ Sutton 1853-1946

Bill as he was called,after getting married at Glen Innes,in 1873, went to Yetman in 1874. He was employed as a shepherd,supervising cattle on the property “Boonal”,where little fencing was erected.The cattle were turned out during the day and held in holding paddocks at night.He moved around,working on different stations for many years and was a horse breaker on Yetman Station.One of Bill’s jobs over the years was the delivering of the ballot box of votes after the election to Armidale on horseback. He was known as a great horseman. He received the sum of five pounds for the delivery of the ballot box. In the 1900’s he ran the mail from Warialda to Inverell and in later years from Yetman to Goondiwindi in a sulky. He purchased a small property near Yetman called “Bumble” and later sold out and resided at Yetman for the rest of his life. He was in his 94th year at the time of his death.