John Sutton 1855-1928

John was the seventh of sixteen children of James and Jane Sutton (nee Andrews) and grew up in the Glennies Creek area,near Singleton,living on the family property ‘Snerdleton’. He was baptised in St. Clements Church of England Camberwell,the same church where his parents married in 1844.John went to a half way school,close to their home.He married Alice Wellard,the daughter of John Appleton and Emma Wellard. The family properties were almost opposite each other at Glennies Creek. John Wellard stopped the wedding going ahead by refusing to give permission one week before Alice turned 2l years.As the minister only visited a few times a year the wedding was delayed,the marriage eventually taking place on the 19 March 1878.They lived in the Glennies Creek area for some time after the marriage,where John was employed in farming pursuits. Five of his brothers,moved to Yetman in 1889 and John took up the property ‘Bundabah’. They grew vegetables, raised livestock and grew crops. A timber slab house with a shingle roof was built from timber on the property with the help of his brothers.John and Alice eventually sold ‘Bundabah’ and moved to Yetman. It is interesting to note that in 1924 five sons of John played in the Yetman Football team. They were Roy,June,Labe,William and Howard. John and Alice remained at Yetman until their deaths.