Labe Sutton 1888-1957

Labe was born at Glennies Creek and baptised at St.Clements Church of England Church,Camberwell via Singleton and accompanied his parents to Yetman. He married Mabel Rabbitt,one of 15 children.The wedding was held in the old Anglican Church and the reception was held in the hall next to a hotel owned by the Cross family. They went to live at ‘Old Strathroy’ which was later part of ‘Rock Bar’which had been drawn by Labe in a ballot. There were four children in the family and all were educated by Blackfriars Correspondence School,supervised by their mother Mabel. In 1923 Labe bought a new T-Model Ford car and crossing the river was sometimes difficult,but with the high wheels and some pushing the car usually got across. In 1929 Labe sold ‘Old Strathroy” and bought ‘Strathroy’ on the banks of the McIntyre River. During the depression years,with little money to buy petrol and upkeep the car transport again became the horse and sulky until things picked up and the car was again brought into use. In 1930 there was a grasshopper plague and Labe used a wooden roller,with burning corn bags soaked in kerosene to try and eradicate them. Labe used horses for his ploughing and cropping.