Lorna May Smith nee Sutton 1914

Lorna was born and lived all her life in the Yetman District and was the second child in a family of four children. Her parents were farmers and Lorna was also engaged in that work up until her marriage to Alfred Stanley ‘Cook’ Smith in 1935. In 1935 The Bush Nursing Home was opened and Lorna was a member of the Younger Set. Funds were being raised to buy essentials for the cottage and the first sister was Sister Riley. It was opened with a Grand Ball and a princess competition was run to raise funds. There were three candidates and the one who raised the most money was crowned at the Grand Ball. Lorna raised the most money and was crowned princess. It was a big year for Lorna as she was married the same year and shifted into her home at Warialda Street Yetman and still resides in the same home after 59 years. There were six children of the marriage and the youngest Vicki still resides with Lorna.