Albert George Asimus 1891 - 1947

Albert was born at Singleton NSW the son of Jacob and Friedericke Asimus and received his education at Middle Falbrook School,Glennies Creek. He was a farmer and on the 26 July 1911 he married Susanne May Sutton,the daughter of John and Alice Sutton of “Bundabah” Yetman NSW. Albert sold his property at Glennies Creek in 1917 and moved to Queensland,buying land at Southbrook near Toowoomba where they carried on dairying until 1947. Cropping and raising beef cattle has been carried out on the property “Atholwood” since that time. In 1926 a half mile from the property a cheese factory called “Rockview” was built where the milk from the local farms was used for cheesemaking. For a period Albert was the chairman of the board of the factory.There were five daughters born between 1912 and 1933. Malvena,Lena and Gladys were born at Singleton NSW and Daphne and Betty were born at Toowoomba Queensland. Daphne the fourth member of the family and Betty her sister and husband Stan still live and work on the property. Daphne lives in the original homestead built in 1918 and Betty and Stan Stower live nearby. The three eldest of the family,Malvena,Lena and Gladys all married and lived in the area with their husbands who were all engaged in the farming and grain related industries. All three husbands are deceased,but their sons are still working the properties.