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Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 - GOORANGOOLA
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 18:58:41 +0000 (UTC)

Page 199
Distance 145 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 6 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday 6 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday evenings

Route – Steam Newcastle, Rail Singleton, 22 m. GOORANGOOLA

ADAMS Joseph householder Dry Ck.
ANDREWS George farmer Carrow Ck.
BALLS Francis farmer Bowman’s Ck.
BAY Charles farmer Bowman’s Ck.
BAY C. jun. householder Bowman’s Ck.
BOWER John farmer Campbell’s Ck.
BREWER Cornelius householder Dry Ck.
BROOKER Henry squatter Carrow Ck.
BROOKER Josiah squatter Carrow Ck.
BROOKER William squatter Dry Ck.
BROSIE David farmer Campbell’s Ck.
CAMASH James farmer Dry Ck.
COMMODE James farmer Dry Ck.
CONN David farmer Dry Ck.
CRITTENDEN George --- Carrow Ck.
DOWNS James householder Dry Ck.
DOWNS Michael farmer Dry Ck.
DRICE Henry farmer Bowman’s Ck.
EATHER Thomas farmer Campbell’s Ck.
EDWARDS Richard farmer Dry Ck.
EDWARDS William farmer Carrow Ck.
FITZPATRICK Francis householder Bowman’s Ck.
FORSTER William farmer Carrow Ck.
FRIESTONE James farmer Campbell’s Ck.
GETT Peter farmer Carrow Ck.
GRAINGER John farmer Carrow Ck.
GURREY David farmer Campbell’s Ck.
HALING Henry farmer Dry Ck.
HAMILTON Andrew farmer Carrow Ck.
HARRISON Thomas householder Dry Ck.
HART Shanel Henry farmer Dry Ck.
KILLIAN Henry farmer Campbell’s Ck.
KINSICK John farmer Dry Ck.
KINSICK Michael farmer Dry Ck.
LANGFOLD Edward farmer Dry Ck.
LAWRENCE Charles farmer Bowman’s Ck.
LONSDALE G. householder Bowman’s Ck.
MARSHALL Charles farmer Bowman’s Ck.
MILLAR Samuel farmer Bowman’s Ck.
MORLEY William farmer Dry Ck.
MORRISON Robert farmer Bowman’s Ck.
MOSS Conrad farmer Dry Ck.
MCCORMICK P. householder Bowman’s Ck.
MCMANUS Bernard farmer Carrow Ck.
NETTLE Peter farmer Bowman’s Ck.
NICA James farmer Carrow Ck.
PAUL James farmer Dry Ck.
PUXTEY John householder Carrow Ck.
RICHARDS Simon farmer Dry Ck.
RILEY Terence farmer Dry Ck.
RITTER Jacob farmer Campbell’s Ck.
RUSSELL Robert farmer Carrow Ck.
SATTLER Peter farmer Campbell’s Ck.
SHIMERAR William farmer Dry Ck.
SKINNER Francis householder Bowman’s Ck.
SMITH John farmer Carrow Ck.
SQUIRE Henry farmer Carrow Ck.
STRUMMEY William farmer Carrow Ck.
THOMAS Alexander householder Dry Ck.
THOMAS Joseph householder Dry Ck.
THOMAS William farmer Dry Ck.
TOLLEY Daniel farmer Campbell’s Ck.
TULHURST William farmer Dry Ck.
WILKINSON Duncan farmer Carrow Ck.
WILKINSON John farmer Carrow Ck.
WILKINSON Thomas farmer Carrow Ck.
WILLIAMS John farmer Carrow Ck.
WILLIAMS Robert householder Dry Ck.