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  • Bauer Lineages - Follow the Ancestral Trail of Diane & Jim Bauer

  • Bauer Family - Bauer, Johann Conrad b.Messbach, Hesse, Ger c1761 married Stohr, Anna Barbara b.Messbach c1765.

  • Bauer Family Page - owner is Roy Andrews . Johann Andreas Bauer was born in 1836 in Dettenhausen and in 1857 (with his wife) boarded a ship called the "Gotthorp" at the Port of Bremen and left their old life behind them to start a new one in the colony of NSW, Australia. By 1858 they had arrived in Singleton, NSW. There are many descendants of the original Bauer family still in the Singleton area.

  • Bower Family Homestead - Webmistress is Colleen Pustola .The Bower Family Homestead is the only major, worldwide clearinghouse dedicated to research of the Bower/Bauer/Baur surnames and ALL their variant spellings [over 50 of them]. We also have adoption helps and a private forum for Bower/Bauer/Baur, etc. adoptees and birthparents.

  • Distant Cousins - Surname Resources - Bauer, Bauers - Surname Resources - Bauer, Bauers. Search this site by Keyword / Surname.

  • Douglas & Connie Bauer Thielemann Genealogy Database - There are 4041 individuals and 1533 families representing 1047 surnames in this database.

  • KinQuest.com - Search Weil im Schoenbuch Marriages. More than 1700 marriage records have been extracted from the Evangelical (Lutheran) church in Weil im Sch"onbuch, W"urttemberg, Germany, from 1591 to 1705. There are 6400 names and more than 450 different German, Swiss, Austrian and French towns in this database.
  • SPEIDEL WEINLE Family Database - Other common surnames include BAUER, BERNER, ENTENMANN, FRANK, LOEFFLER, RENZ, SINGER, WACKER, WANNER, WOERN, WURSTER. There are over 2600 persons in the database, all of whom were of the Evangelical faith.
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  • Baden-Wuerttemberg World GenWeb Site:
  • Frank Mailänder's Baden-WürttembergGenWeb page: - Home of the Badan Wurttemberg GenWeb. Massive searchable databases, links and great help.

  • Wuerttemberg Emigration Index Web Site:
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