What is the Drake family motto, crest and arms?

Date: Saturday, 28 November 1998 11:50

Answer-The Westchester Co, NY Drake family's arms are  arg., wivern, with
wings displayed gu. Crests, first, an eagle displayed;
second, a naked  dexter arm and hand erect, holding a battle axe sa,
headed arg.(1) This means that the arms are a silver dragon with it's
wings displayed and a red knotted tail.

The Drake of Ashe family's arms are argent, a wyvern with wings displayed,
tail knowed, gules.  Their crest was first an eagle displayed, gules.  It
was later changed to a dexter arm erect, coupled at elbow, proper, bearing
a battle ax, sable. (2;3) Wivern is a synonym for "dragon." Dexter refers
to an arm that is located on the wearer's right and the obserer's left and
sable means "black."

The Drake family in Ireland had both crest and arms feature a wivern
displayed.  (2)

In Oatland, Shartloes, Bucks, Co. Bucks, Sussex and Norfolk , the Drake
family's crest was a dexter arm erect, proper, holding a battle ax, sable,
headed argent.(2)  The
Norfolk family used reindeer's head coupled also.(2)

The family in Yorkshire used a two headed eagle, winges displayed, as
their crest.  (2)

The family's motto is "Aquila non captat muscas."  This translates into
"an eagle does not attempt to catch flies."  (2;3)
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