A potted history of the Alcorn family: first and second generations in Windsor and Singleton NSW.

RICHARD ALLCORNE of Lingfield, Surrey, Protestant and farrier was aged 30 years when he was tried
at The Old Bailey,London in September 1801. He was described as a farrier occupied in shoeing horses in
the village ofHampton, where he resided with his wife and two sons. Sarah gave birth to her second son
Edward at Buckingham Place probably while Richard was in prison awaiting trial.
A Mr. May claimed that although he wasn't absolutely sure what colour bay the horse was, Richard had
removed and sold a horse belonging to him from where it was grazing in a Park owned by the Duke of
Clarence, later to become King William IV. One witness said he saw Richard pay six and a half guineas for
the horse .whilst another said he saw Richard sell the horse for seven guineas to a man who them sold it for
twenty two pounds. There were at least a dozen witnesses most of whom supported the opinion that
Richard was of extraordinary good character.

The jury however gave judgement in favour of Mr. May and found Richard guilty. The judge passed the
standard death sentence for all thieft of property over one pound in value. The prisoner was recommended
to His Majesty's Mercy (George 111), and on 16th September 1801 Richard's sentence was commuted to
Life Imprisonment at Middlesex Goal. It was finally reduced to 14 years exile to the Colony of New South

Twelve months later on the 23rd September 1802 Richard sailed for Sydney on HMS "Glatton". A 58 gun
man-o-war converted to a convict and passenger ship of 18 guns.HMS Glatton carried 420 convicts in all,
152 for life;57for 14 years; 21 Ifor 7 years. Sarah who was listed as a widow with two children also sailed
on the Glatton as a free settler.

They arrived in Sydney on 11th March 1803 and Sarah was allocated 60 acres of prime farm land in the
Hawkesbury district. Richard was handed into her care -to keep the peace-and as a Ticket of Leave man
carried on his trade as farrier. Convict John Possech No0827 who arrived on the "Earl Spencer" on 9th
October 1803 was assigned to help Sarah run the farm. A year later 17/3/1804 Mary Anne was born and on
7/12/1806 Elizabeth Mary arrived. The census of 1806 records that 16 acres were leased at Green Hills and
the family lived there. Sarah was bom in 1809 and them John on 21/11/1811 at South Creek. The census of
1814 records the family living at South Creek. These farmlands are now within the Windsor/Pitt Town
areas of today. Richard I died on 20th May 1812, four and a half years before the end of his 14 year term.
He is said to have died a wealthy man.

The 1828 Census Records:-Sarah aged 53 years, came free, on Glatton, 1803. 60 acres, 40 cleared, 20
cultivated, 6 horses, 100 cattle and 800 sheep. Her family unit at South Creek consisted of children John
17, landholder ofPitt Town; Edward 27(Edward applied for and received a grant of 60 acres at Pitt Town
in 1920);Sarah 19.

Also at South Creek were:- Joseph Eggs 35 free settler arrived "Surrey"1817, shepherd; Hannah Lee
11,bom in the colony, servant; Robert Scofield 20, Government Servant (Convict), arrived "John" 1827,
.labourer; and Jeffrey Urgent 50, Absolute Pardon, arrived "E Cornwallis "1801 .labourer.

Richard II married Charlotte Gulledge 8th February 1825 at Windsor and lived in Singleton,(12 children)
Richard married again to Elizabeth Milson ( aged 24) 6th October 1852 (no children)
Edward married Sarah Smith 7th January 1828 at Windsor and moved to Singleton by 1833(4 children)
Edward married again to Mary Ann Champion January 1849 at Singleton (7 children)
Mary Anne married Thomas Cullen 19th May 1828 and appears to have remained in Windsor(4 children)
Elizabeth Mary married John Browne 14th November 1825 and moved to Singleton(15 children)
Sarah did not marry and lived first with her mother and then with Elizabeth in Singleton.(died 1838)
John married Mary Ann Cross 17th March 1833 at Windsor and remained in the district(7 children)
to the Memory of
who departed this
Life on the
30th of April 1832
Aged 56 Years
to the Memory of
who departed this
Life on the
20th of May 1812
Aged 41 Years
Leaving a Wife and Six Children to lament His loss