Drake Gallery
A Glimpse from our Past
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Drake Gallery
A Glimpse from our Past
If you would like to have your Drake family images added to this list - please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your images will appear on this database.
Mary Ann Estelle Davis (left image) and Noyes V. Moore (right image)

Mary Ann Estelle Davis   Noyes V. Moore, in France during his tour of duty as a Gunnery Sgt
This photo is of my great, great grandmother, Mary Ann Estelle Davis, 1st wife of George F. Drake, and her 2nd husband, Charles Payne Moore of Ossipee, NH. Charles, or as he was called by family, Pappy, adopted Mary's son John Henry Drake. They were married 11 August 1878 in Ossipee, NH. Mary Ann Estelle was born to John Colby Davis and Clarinda Bickford of Effingham, Carroll Co., NH on 1 August 1851, the middle child and only daughter of 5 children. She was a small woman and her husband built the kitchen in their house down to her level to make things easier for her. She died 8 April 1926 at home and is buried in the family plot in Pine Hill Cemetery, Wolfeboro, NH along with her son, his wife, and their sons Linley and Charles. Pappy was born in Windsor, VT 19 Jan 1850 and died 8 March 1934 in the Valley. Pappy and Mammy were happy in the Wolfeboro countryside, and Pappy kept buying parcels of land, including lake front lots on Lake Wentworth, on Pleasant Valley Road until he had acquired 275 acres. Though he and Mammy had no natural children of their own, their heirs, the children of Pappy's niece Evangeline Vaughn Moore and her husband Noyes Vennett Moore, (the couple's grandson), continued his agricultural legacy until 1970 and the death of Noyes of a heart attack.
This is my grandfather, Noyes V. Moore, in France during his tour of duty as a Gunnery Sgt. in the US Marine Corps in WWI. Where the picture was taken in France is not known, but he spent a great deal of his time on active duty in the Allied trenches and was gassed at Belleux Woods in June 1918.