Drake Lineage Prepared by Mrs. Helen Wallin, Lansing, Michigan, July 1964,
for Mrs. Clarence C. Clohset, Birmingham in connection with
Hunter Family research.

Christine McNish kindly gave permission to have Helen Wallin's Drake Lineage published on the Drake Website on the internet.
Helen had 12 pages of notes which Christine retyped exactly as it was on the paper (spelling errors, abbreviations, and all).

Louis Stoughton Drake  b. 5th August 1865, m in Cambridge, Mass 15
January 1894; Laura Bell b. 14 Nov. 1870, dau. Albert D. S. and Susan
Laura (Stoughton Bell); issue b. in Auburndale
     I  Laura b. 9 January 1904
    II  Andrew Jackson  b. 17 May 1905; d. 19 May 1905
   III  Prudence  b. 24 July 1906....  (continued about L. S. Drake) 

From:  The Drake Family in England and America 1360-1895 and
Descendants of Thomas Drake of Weymouth, Mass., by Louis Stoughton
Drake, Printed privately, Boston 1896, copy at Burton Collection of the
Detroit Public Library)

JOHN DRAKE ESQ.  of Mount Drake and Exmouth County, Devon County,
England; a man of great estate and a name of no less antiquity says John
Prince Vicar of Pomroy, m. 1413-22 Christina Billett, dau. and heiress of
John Billett of Ashe; children:

JOHN DRAKE numbered in 100 of E. Budleigh, Devon, he settled at
Otterton near Ashe;  m. Christina Antage, dau. and heiress of John
Antage and had:

JOHN DRAKE of Otterton who m. dau. of John Crews of Crews
Morehard and had:

JOHN DRAKE of Otterton in Co. of Devon, Esw. who m. Agnes Kailway,
dau. of John Dailway who had:

JOHN DRAKE who m.  Margaret Cole, dau. and heiress of John Cole of
Rill who had:

JOHN DRAKE: of Mt. Drake and Ashe and Exmouth, the Sheriff of Devon
in time of Queen Elizabeth.  m. in 26 year of Henry VIIII (1535) Ayme
Greenville, dau. of Roger of Greenville of Stow, Cornwall;  the ancestor
of the R. Hon. Earl of Bath.  he d. 4 Oct. 1558; wife d.  18 Feb 1577,  int.
Parish Church Musbury, Devon Co., where see tomb bearing efffigies. 
They had Sir Bernard:

SIR BERNARD DRAKE, Knight of Mount Drake and Ashe in Devon. 
Knighted at Greenwich 9 Jan 1585 by Queen Elizabeth.  He d. at Ashe 10
Apr 1586; m. Gartrude Fortesque dau. of Bartholomew Fortesque of Filly,
Esq. she d. 13 Feb 1601, both int. Parish Church Musbury where see
tomb and effigies.  They had:

JOHN DRAKE  of Mt. Drkae and Ashe; m. Dorothy Button, dau. of Wm.
Button of Ashton in Wiltshire; hew was bu. Aprill 11, 1628, in Parish
Church at Musbury; she d. 13  Dec. 1631; they had:

WILLIAM DRAKE OF YARDBURY in Parish of Cloyton who m.  Margaret
Westover.  (At this point the lineage falls in to information furnished by by
grandmother, Mrs. Minnie Lewis Smith).  Also, from COLONIAL FAMILIES
IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Vol. I, George Norbury MacKenzie
LLB, p. 135, c. 1907, State Library 929.1 MLS (Louis Stoughton Drake, E.
India and China merchant; compiler of "The Drake Family in England and
America 1360-1695).  
WILLIAM DRAKE of Yardbury in the Parish of
Cloyton, 2nd son bur. Temple Ch. will dated Nov. 1636, m.  Maragaret
Westover dau. heiress of Willam Westover; m. Lic. dated 14 Nov. 1620;
buried 16 April 1635 at Clyton; children:

     I  John  bap. Mar 1621-22, bur. Apr. 1645 Cloyton
    II  Dorothy  bap 26 Mar 1623
   III  Eleanor bap 15 December 1625
   IV Joan  bap. 11 June 1628; came to America with brother Thomas and
settled in Weymouth, Mass.  She m.  Thomas Randall of Weymouth           
and they had Thomas b. 12 mar 1659, Weymouth
   V   William  bap. 22 Dec 1629, bur. 6 Mar 1680 in St. Andrews Church, 
   VI  Elizabeth  bap December 1632 in Cloyton;  came to America with
brother Thomas and sister Joan.  She m 8 June 1654 by Richard
Bellingham, Governor of Mass to Ezekiel Hamlin of Boston.  See Boston
Records,  9th report of record commissioners 1630-1699,  p. No. 51. 
Gives names and birthdates of 8 children.  
  VII  Eddimion  bap 25 June 1634
  VIII  THOMAS  bap 13 Sept 1635 in Cloyton  (Parrish Register).  Thomas
emigrated to America 1653-54;  settled in Weymouth, Mass.  His name
first appearing on records of that town in list of property owners in 1663
in which he was described as owning "Lot 70, containing 6 acres in 1st
Dvision, beginning  on Braintry Line  and 18 acres, Lot 33, 2nd Division." 
A member of the Suffolk Troopers, he took an active part in King Phillip's
War and 24 June 1676 he was a member of the garrison at
Punckapouge, when he saw at least 2 month service  (vide:  Weymouth
Hist. Soc. Vol II, page 283; Suffolk deeds; Lib. IV, p. 277 and Bodges
Soldiers of King Phillip's War, p. 304.)  He. m.  (firstly) Jane Holbrook,
dau. of Thomas and Jane Holbrook of Weymouth, Mass., by whom he
had 8 children.  He m. (secondly) widow Miliicent Carver dau of Wm. 
Ford 9 mar 1681.  
William Drake  3rd son of Thomas, b. Weymouth  30 May 1661, d.  1727;
m. Sarah Nash of Weymouth.  William was a member of Capt. Hunt's
Weymouth Company in Canadian Expedition of 1690  (vide.  Ellis Family p.
410; he bought a homestead in Taunton, Mass.  21 Sept. 1706 and
settled there, selling his land in Weymouth 20 May 1708; will dated 15
Sept. 1727.  He had 10 children the 4th being WILLIAM DRAKE.  (then this
reference went to another line.)
Page 138 describes coat-of-arms
ARMSargent , a wyvren with wings displayed, tail knowed, gules.
CREST a dexter arm erect, couped at elbow, proper bearing a battle
axe, sable.
MOTTO:  Aquila non captat muscas;  (Louis Stoughton Drake,
Aurburndale, Newton, Mass.

(From The Drake Family in England and America as above):
THOMAS DRAKE  was born in Cloyton, Devon County, England, where
the parish register still shows the record of his baptism September 13,
1635.... He was accompanied by his sister Joane, who mjarried Thomas
Randall, August 8, 1654..... Thomas Drake soon settled  in Weymouth ,
Massachusetts, his name first appearing on the records of that town in a
list of property owners in 1663 in which he describes as owning "Lot 70
containing 60 acres in the 1st Division  beginninge on Brauntry lyne" and
18 acres, Lott 33 in 2nd Division  (Weymouth Historical Society, Vol II,
page 283).  Prior ro that the latest list of land owners noted that as of
November 26, 1651 in which his name does not appear settled in
Weymouth after 1651 and before 1663.

The requency with which his name appears on land deeds and war
records of the time shows that Thomas Drake took an active part in
affairs of the town, his name occurs as witness on deeds December 15,
1664 (Suffolk deeds lib. IV, p. 277) and three years later he was a
memjber of the Suffolk Troopers.  He took and active part in King Phillip's
War and June 24, 1676, was a member of the Garrison at Punckapouge
where he saw three months service (Bodge's Soldiers of King Phillips
War, p. 304).
Plymouth deeds record large land purchases by him July 29, 1682.  Near
Taunton River in Freetown half of which he sold June 12, 1688 to Ralph
Paine of Rhode Island.  He died in Weymouth 1691 and his estate was
settled in 1692.  It was valued at 237 pounds sterling, 2 s., 2d., a
considerable sum at that time.

Thomas Drake married twice.  His first wife was Jane Holbrook, dau. of
Thomas and Jane Holbrook of Mass.  His second wife was widow
Milliicent Carver, dau. of William Ford who he married March 9, 1681.  His
children were:

Thomas Drake  b.  Weymouth about 1657;  d. August 19, 1728
John  b. March 12, 1659
William b.  May 30, 1661
Joseph b. October 28, 1663
Amy  b. February 3, 1666
Elizabeth  b. 1670
Benjamin  b. Weymouth, January 15, 1677
Experience  no date given

(Will continue with part 2 - this document follows Benjamin and has no further info on the other children listed above)
BENJAMIN DRAKE (Thomas 1) b. Weymouth, January 15, 1677. He was alive as late as August 1, 1759. Married in Weymouth, Sarah Pool b. about 1678. Died Easton, Mass. December 24, 1775, dau. of Samuel Pool of Weymouth.

June 6, 1700, he bought into Taunton North Purchase 50 acres of land and dwelling house on what is now the Cynthia Drake Road, or Church Street, south and southwest of the old burying ground in South Easton (History of Easton, page 44.) and settled thereon. June 9, 1719, he bought + of 100 acres of land in Middleboro, called "Twelve Man's Purchase" (Plymouth Deeds, vol. XIVI, page 182this could be XLIV, I didn't copy carefully enough). No deed of sale of it appears on November 19 of the same year he bought a large estate of brother Thomas. Benjamin was at the first town meeting held in Easton, March 2, 1725-6 and was elected first selectman (History of Easton, page 84), reelected in 1728, 1731, 1733-36, 1738, 1743, 1746. In 1731 he held office of town treasurer and also acted as moderator at annual town meeting of that year.
His children were:


(From DAR Lineage Book Vol. 2, 1930: "he was a selectman, treasurer, moderator, and landed proprietor. He was born and died in Weymouth)

Will send more soon - this research continures with Robert, no info on other children is given.
(From The Drake Family in England and America 1360-1895 same as above)

ROBERT DRAKE (Senior) (Benjamin) born November 1723; died February 2, 1797;
married April 15, 1746 Mary Fobes, born June 2, 1726; died April 12,1774, dau. of Benjamin and
Martha (Hunt) Fobes. Resided in Easton;
His children were:

Martha, born February 22, 1747
Robert (Junior) b. April 27, 1752; d. Aug. 22, 1802

He married for the second time, November 13, 1781, widow Susanna (Chubbuck) Thorn
of Wareham, born 1746; died October 9, 1828, aged 82. She married 3rd time Wm. Keith.

Robert Drake was a member of the 1st militia company of Easton, April 1757. In the
Revolutionary War he was Corporal in the Rhode Island in Capt. Randall's Company, Col. George
Williams Regiment 24 days from December 7, 1776; and from January 7, 1778 to April 1, 1778, he was in
the service in the same company under command of Capt. Daggett.
State Archives Rev. Rolls, Vol. III, pp 114-117.

(The dates for most of the children were in the book, but I didn't copy them. They are available.)

(From the same source):

ROBERT DRAKE (Junior) (Robert Drake, Sr.): Born April 27, 1752; died August 22,
1802; married September 29, 1773 Rebeckah Wade, born 1757, in Bridgewater, dau. of David and
Mary (Littlefield). Resided in Easton and Bridgewater.

Robert was out at the Tiverton Alarm, August 2, 1780, in Capt. Seth Pratts Company, Col.
James Williams Regiment:
His children were:

Bethuel b Jan 28, 1775; d. May 21, 1841
b. June 5, 1783
, b. Nov. 18, 1790; d. July 15, 1807 (page 45, No. 48)

Will send next part soon. This document continues with Larnard's line. No other info on other children. She obviously was focused on the direct lines!
(From the same sources as above)
LARNARD DRAKE (Robert(jr)): Born June 5, 1783, Easton, Mass. Married September 28,
1802 Susanna Phillips, born September 5, 1783; died May 4, 1821, Braintree Vermont, dau. of Silas
and Susannah (Drake) Phillips, (Easton Town Records). Larnard died March 21, 1863 and is buried
in the Franklin Village Cemetary, Oakland County, Michigan. Larnard followed his sons Melvin
and Walter ot Michigan in 1835. Larnard Drake's children listed by Louis Stoughton Drak in his The Drake Family in England and America 1360-1895 were as follows:

Larnard born August 15, 1803; died Sept. 21, 1823
Melvin, born August 20, 1805
Walter, born May 20, 1808

with the following notation "NO FURTHER RECORD OF THIS FAMILY CAN BE FOUND."
(PAGE 103)

At this point in the lineage the above records then work into the records furnished by my
grandmother, Mrs. Minne Lewis Smith who kept the family records. Also information furnished
by Judge Stockwell of Pontiac who worked on the Drake line for DAR membership. A copy of Judge
Stockwell's records were furnished by Mrs. George (Hattie Evans) Campbell of Owosso,
whose husband was editor of the Owosso Argus Press and a distant relative of Minnie Lewis Smith.

The children of Larnard Drake from Michigan Sources of which I have the complet records are
as follows:

Larnard Junior, b. Aug. 15, 1803; died Sept 1/20/21, 1823
Melvin, b. Aug. 20, 1805, Easton, Mass.
Walter, born May 20 1808, Easton, Mass; m died May 5, 1903
Jotham, b. Aug. 18, 1810
Susannah, b. Apr. 12, 1813, Orange County, Vt., died May 20, 1871
Hiram, born Feb. 28, 1817; died Apr. 18, 1820
Philura, born May 2, 1820; died Apr. 21, 1823

(Melvin married Harriett Pratt, Shoreham, Vt. Sept. 19, 1830; Walter married Adeline Hunter, Southfield or Birmingham, June 26, 1831; Jotham married Mary Winis of Southfield,
December 17, 1838 (married by Wm. H. Edward J.P.); Susannah, married Adam Wiley firstly and Chester Reynolds, secondly.)

Larnard was a farmer and a stone mason. The family moved to Vermont about 1810 or 1812.
First wife Susanah Phillips died May 4, 1821 at Braintree, Vermont and he married for the second
time Mary Darlin, September 30, 1821. In 1835 he followed his sons Melvin and Walter to Michigan.
They had come October 1830 and he settled in Southfield.. Larnard Drake died March 21,
1863 and he is buried in the same plot with Melvin Drake his sone in the Franklin Village
Cemetary, Oakland County, Michigan.

(The records from here on are family records and additions I have made in collecting the Drake genealogy)
WALTER DRAKE (Larnard) Born May 20, 1808, Easton, Mass., Died May 5, 1903, Rush
Township Shiawassee County. He and his wife Adeline Hunter Drake are buried at Mt. Hope
Cemetary, 4 miles North of Owosso on M-47. Adeline Hunter, dau. of Elisha and Huldah (West or Wilcocks) Hunhter, Oakland County, was born December 23 or 27, 1808 (DAR) probably in Rhode Island.
She (Adeline) died August 22, 1881, Rush Township and buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetary north
of Owosso.
Walter Drake worked with his father on a farm in Orange County, Vermont until he was 21.
He then worked on the Ohio & Chesapeake Canal returning to New England in 1830. His
brother Melvin b. Aug. 20, 1805, Easton, Mass., worked in Shoreham Vermont and Sept. 19, 1830
married Harriett Pratt of Shoreham. Melvin had saved his money and he and his bride planned
to move to Michigan. Walter joined them and thre three of them arrived in Detroit Oct. 11, 1830.
They came by boat via the Erie Canal. Melvin and his bride settled in Southfield , Oakland County,
Michigan. Walter Drake engaged in fishing and sailing in Detroit for about a year, returning
to Southfield where he married Adeline Hunter June 26, 1831. Adeline was the dau. of Elisha
and Hulda (West or Wilcocks) Hunter. They had come from Auburn, New York about 1820. Adeline
was born Dec. 23/27, 1808 (DAR) probably Rhode Island (Census Records). she died Aug.
22, 1881, Rush Township Shiawassee County, Michigan.

In 1844 Walter Drake was appointed U.S. Farmer to the Michigan Superintendency of Indian
Affairs and was stationed at Old Mission on Grand Traverse Peninsula, Michigan. He worked
there until 1847 when he returned to Oakland County; in 1860 he went to Genesee County and 1865
to Owosso, Michigan and in 1870 settled on a farm in Rush Township. He resided there with his
son Melvin Drake until his death May 5, 1903. (For detail see Michigan Superintendency of
Indian Affairs 1814-1851, and Walter Drake, talk given before the Annual meeting of the Historical
Society of Greater Lansing by President, Mrs. Helen Wallin June 20, 1964).

Walter's children were as follows:

Cordelia Melvina, b. Nov. 26, 1833, Southfield; d. Apr. 29, 1897, Owosso, Michigan
Mary Ann, b. Nov. 23, 1836, d. _______
Lucius, b. May 3, 1841; d. June 14, 1873
Melvin W. b. Feb. 9, 1844, Oakland County; Died Aug. 26, 1912, Lainsburg, Michigan

Cordelia married Hiram L. Lewis Jr., Dec. 9, 1859; Mary Ann married Sam. H. Daniels of
Birmingham; Lucius married Mary _____; Melvin W., married Ada Meaker Dec. 25, 1865, Ada
died Feb 2, 1928.

CORDELIA MELVINA DRAKE LEWIS (Walter Drake) was born Nov. 26, 1833,
Southfield, Michigan and died Apr. 29, 1897. she is buried along with Hiram Lewis Jr., in Oakhill
Cemetary, Owosso, Michigan. On Dec. 9, 1859, she married Hiram L. Lewis Jr., born Apr. 13, 1833,
Malone, N.Y., died Mar. 9, 1895, bur. Oakhill Cemetary, Owosso, Michigan.

Cordelia's husband, Hiram Lucius Lewis Jr., came to Michigan with his parents around 1850
via emigrant wagon taking Lakes Ontario & Erie using the wagon at both ends. Early life he spent
on farm summers and taught school in the winter. Later when they lived in Owosso he was a
produce and grocery dealer, and 1870 Gazateer shows Lewis Bros. Grocery, Hiram Jr. & Horace D.; he
was a member of Owosso Ladge IOOF; charter member AOUW & K. of H., Hiram joined the
Congregational Church in Malone, New York at age of 15.

Hiram Lewis Jr. came to Michigan with his father, mother, and parental Grandmother, Mrs.
Lydia Moses (M. 2nd time to Charles Moses, Malone, NY) sister Cordelia L. Lewis and brother

D. Lewis from Malone,N.Y. to Owosso, Michigan. " That journey by boat and horse team
through the almost trackless wilderness to the then modest village of Owosso (1850 population 372) was
an oft repeated story of the old days" (From Cordelia L. Lewis Waldron's obituary, Owosso
Press, Apr. 1909).
A map of the county of 1875 shows that he owned a modest amount of property
in Owosso. He was City Treasurer and Alderman at various times.
He had 9 children:

Mary Cordelia, b 10 Feb. 1861; d. 24 May 1863
Hiram Walter, b. 4 Apr 1862; d. 11 June 1862/63
Minnie Adeline, b. 12 May 1863; d 25 Jan 1945
Walter Horace, b 26 June 1865; d 7 Jul 1939
Lucy Adelia, b. 24 Nov. 1866; d. 28 Mar 1940
Cora Lucinda, b. 20 Oct 1868; d 3 Nov 1940
Gertrude Josephine, b 16 Mar 1871; d. 30 Oct 1930
Mary Blanche, b. 12 Sept 1876; d. 29 May 1944
Fred Cyrus, b 11 Aug 1878; d 6 July 1956

Will send more soon. This line continues with Minne Adeline Lewis Smith. My line connects at Mary Ann Drake, daughter of Walter Drake.
MINNIE ADELINE LEWIS SMITH, b. Owosso 12 May 1863; d 25 Jan 1945,bur.
Oakhill Cemetary, Owosso; married 9 Oct 1883, Frank Waterman Smith, b. 25 Aug 1860, son of James
L. and _______ ______ Smith
of New Bedford, Mass.; James L. Smith was a mariner out of
New Bedford and was lost at sea. Frank Smith's mother and father being dead previous to 1875, he
and his younger brother were sent to Michigan as orphans; probate court records at the County
Seat, Corunna, Michigan, show that S.J. Harding, Owosso, was appointed guardian of Frank
, march 4, 1875. No record can be found re: James Smith to this date 1964. Frank Smith was
a furniture carver, designer and maker. He held numerous public offices City Clerk,
Alderman, Chief of the Fire Department in Owosso.
He had 6 children:

George Dewey, b. 15 Feb 1884; d ___ Feb 1950
Kate Philena, b 11 Sept 1885; d 16 Aug 1951
Harry Elwin, b 28 Feb 1887; d 25 Oct 1918
Lucy Cordelia, b 10 Jul 1888; d 8 Aug 1902
Cuyler Hiram, 9 Sept 1889; d 24 Sept 1890
Helen Frances, b 12 Dec 1891; resides in Lansing, Michigan (1964)

George married Effie Gladding, June 20, 1906; Kate Philena married Patrick Dennis McCarthy April 25, 1905 firstly and George Self April 25, 1949 (she was divorced from P.D. McCarthy
about 1929). Lucy died of tuberculosis at 14; Cuyler died at age 1 year; Helen Frances married
Leon Lewis Darlin and they resided in Lansing. Helen is still living but in a nursing home in
Lansing 1964.

KATE PHILENA SMITH McCARTHY, b. Owosso, Michigan, 11 September 1885; d. 16
Aug 1951; married Patrick Dennis McCarthy 25 April 1906, Baltimore, Maryland. Divorced 1929
at Owosso. He was b. Rush Township Shiawassee County, Michigan, 23 May 1883; d. Owosso,
Michigan 22 Apr 1960. They are buried in Oakhill Cemetary, Owosso, Michigan. He was of
the Catholic faith originally, she of the Congregational.

P.D. McCarthy was the son of William and Rosaline (Gerthoffer) McCarthy. came to
Michigan from Ohio in 1880. P.D. McCarthy was a carpenter and ? contractor and duriang his
lifetime built many houses in Owosso. In 1911-12 they resided in Pontiac, Michigan where he worked
at the Burdette Automobile Body Plant; 1914, they returned to Owosso; 1918-19 the family went
to Port Clinton, Ohio, where he was engaged in building submarine chasers for World War I; after
the War they returned to Owosso and remained there. After the divorce in 1929 she returned to
her mother's home with the two youngest children and did nursing in Owosso for many years.
They had:

Helen Lucille, b, Owosso, Michigan, 7 Oct 1906; resides in Lansing
Marguerite Elizabeth, b Pontiac, Mich. 29 May 1912; resides R1, Durand
Louise Rosaline, b Owosso, 28, Nov. 1914; resides in Owosso
Rebecca Ann, b. Owosso, Michigan 27 Jan 1922; resides in Owosso

Helen married Chadbourne M.Wallin, Sept 24, 1928. He was a newspaper man and they
were divorced about 1935. Marguerite married firstly Leo Woodard March 16, 1930. He was killed
in an automobile accident October 23, 1937. She married secondly Ray Kebler August 1, 1946.
Louise Rosaline married Herbert L. Matthews May 25, 1935. Rebecca married Donald Calloway May 19, 1940.

HELEN LUCILLE McCARTHY WALLIN, b 7 Oct 1905, Owosso, Michigan; resides (1964)
826 West Genesee Street, Lansing, Michigan. Employed by the State of Michigan for 30 some
years and at present, publicist , Office of Information and Education with the Michigan Department of
Conservation. Married Chadbourne Munro Wallin 24 Sept 1929 in Lansing. Divorced
Grand Rapids, Michigan May 1935. Chadbourne Wallin b. 22 Aug 1902/03/04, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Graduated from the School of Journalism, University of Missouri 1927. Chad was the son
of Charles Curtis Wallin, M.D. (II), University of Michigan Ann Arbor and Florence
Alexandria Munro Wallin
of Lewistown, Montana; he remarried and is residing in Chicago July 1964.
One son of this marriage:

Charles Curtis Wallin III, b 1 June 1933, Lewiston, Fergus County, Montana. Resides at
East Lansing.

CHARLES CURTIS WALLIN III, b 1 June 1933, Lewiston, Fergus County, Montana. resides
in East Lansing. Received his bachelor's degree in engineering from Michigan State University 1955.
Married Jean Ellen Cary, 2 Dec 1962. Jean was born 17 Jan 1936, Lansing, Michigan. She
received her bachelor of science degree in special education from Michigan State University
in 1961. She is the daughter of Kenneth Harold and Ruth (Jackway) Cary of Lansing, Michigan.

Compiled by Helen Wallin
826 West Genesee
Lansing, Michigan
July 1964

**This was on a separate page**

(From Mr. Glenn H. Bingham, 1208 Emmons, Birmingham, Michigan)

Mrs. Adeline Hunter Drake, wife of Walter, of Rush died at her residence on Monday August
22, 1881 in her 73rd year from cancer and pneumonia. Mrs. Drake and her brother, Mr. Hunter,
ten years her senior, visited her daughter Mrs. Hiram L. Lewis, in this city five weeks ago. Both
these aged persons are now dead; Mr. Hunter was buried in Birmingham three weeks ago, and
Mrs, Drake was buried at the Goss school house on Wednesday. She was born in the state of New York,
November 1808. When she was ten years old her parents moved to Detroit where they lived
one year. At that time, 63 years ago, Detroit is said to have had only one brick house beside the
court house. The family moved to Birmingham, where they remained for many years. She has also
lived several years at Genesee County. Fourteen years since she came to Owosso to reside. She and
her husband, with some of their children, finally settled in Rush where the balance of her life was
spent. She was a faithful christian and an affectionate wife and mother.

(The above clipping was pasted in a scrap book of clippings kept by Mr.
Bingham's mother)

Mrs. Cornelia Smith of Birmingham Passes.
Took Part in Eventful Scenes in Childhood.
Went to Fort Dearborn With Parents When but Five Years Old Only White Child There

(Special to the Press Gazette.)
Birmingham, Oct. 11 - Mrs. Cornelia Smith, said to be the oldest native resident on
Oakland County, died at her home on Hamilton avenue this morning, after several weeks' illness. She
was 93 years old, and was born in Southfield township on Nov 25, 1823. Her father was Daniel
, who five years later was sent by the government to what was then Fort Dearborn, later Chicago,
to conduct negotiations with the Indians. The family according to family history, went to Chicago in a
wagon, and spent several days on the trip, during which they did not see a white man's
habitation nor a fire. It is recorded that she was the only white child at the fort at that time.

Later the family returned to Oakland County and when she married Mrs. Smith's father gave her
as a wedding present the beautiful brick house in which she lived and died, held to be the oldest
brick house in Birmingham.

Mrs. Smith was one of the charter members of the Library and Cemetary associations. Up to
her death her mind was clear, she could read and sew without glasses, and a year ago made a gown
for her great-granddaughter, who lives with her, entirely by hand.

The funeral is to be held Friday at 10 a.m. from the late home, with interment in
Greenwood Cemetary. Rev. Jamieson of Detroit will officiate.

Surviving are three sons, Charles, at home, Oliver , of Plymouth, and Frank, of Los Angeles.

(The above is a loose clipping. On the back is an advertisement for a farm sale 10/17/1916.
Another ad mentions the Gaulder and Stewart warehouse at south Safinaw and Orchard Lake Ave.)

C. McNish notes: Cornelia Smith is the daughter of Daniel Hunter. Daniel Hunter is the brother
of Adeline Hunter mentioned in the previous obituary and the son of Elisha and Huldah (West
or Wilcocks) Hunter.

This is the end of the packet by Mrs. Helen Wallin.
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