EDWARD Drake of Teignmouth and Australia.
Eldest son and second child of Henry Drake of Teignmouth, born 22nd November 1828,baptised at East Teignmouth,Church 11th January 1829.He emigrated to Melbourne between 1856 and 1859 - probably soon after October 1856,when his sister,Emma and her husband Charles Lucas were married since according to tradition they all went out to Australia together.
In Melbourne Edward Drake became first an assistant,and then manager of a butcher's business owned by T.R.Rhodes at 124 Russell Street.On 19th June,1860,he married Sophia Eliza Chilcott,of Parramatta,New South Wales,at St.Paul's Cathedral Melbourne.His bride brought him as a dowry,a farm called Oak Park,Glennies Creek, New south Wales.Thereafter he farmed until 1900 when he retired to a house named "Haldon" in York Street, ingleton. Haldon is the name of a beautiful stretch of hills above his birthplace in England.) According to obituary notices in Australian papers his farm was regarded as the model farm of the district and was established from virgin bush. He gained many awards for exhibits at agricultural shows including, a bronze medal for maize shown at an International Exhibition. By his marriage he had two sons and seven daughters of whom all but two daughters survived him.His widow lived to the age of 95,dying at 66 York Street,Singleton on 25th January,1936. She and her husband are buried in the Church of England cemetery Camberwell,New South Wales.
His children were;- Henry Edward and Albert James Drake; Emma Lucy,married BOWER;Louisa Eveline,married CRAGG; Ellen Florence Ada,died unmarried 1906;Bertha Madeline,died unmarried 1891;Gertrude Mary,married WATTS;Laura Victoria,married NOBLE; Lily Ethel Sophia,married BALL.