Westchester County Drake lineage

First Generation ----------------------------------------
1. John DRAKE. Born in Plymouth, Devon, England. John Drake had other sons according to the source, but they are not named.1 From the "History of Westchester County": "John Drake of the council of Plymouth, one of the original company established by King James in 1606, for settling New England, was a branch of the family of Drake of Ashe, several of whose sons came to this country. John came to Boston in 1630, with two or more sons, and finally settled in Windsor." Page 94.1 [This John Drake is not to be confused with THE John Drake of Windsor, CT., who was married to Elizabeth Rodgers. They had five children but NO son named Samuel.] Children: 2 i. Samuel DRAKE
Second Generation ----------------------------------------
2. Samuel DRAKE. Died 1686. Martin Hollick gives date of death as 1686, this is not mentioned in the source. Samuel Drake removed to Fairfield about 1650 and then to East Chester in 1663. Page 94.1 He married Anne BARLOW. The source records just "Anne" as Samuel's wife but according to Martin Hollick, this was Anne Barlow. They had the following children: 3 i. Joseph DRAKE ii. Samuel DRAKE; Heir to his father's lands at Fairfield, page 94.1 iii. John DRAKE; John Drake of East Chester. page 94.1 iv. Sarah DRAKE; v. Mary DRAKE; She married Joseph JOANNES.
Third Generation ----------------------------------------
3. Joseph DRAKE. Joseph Drake of East Chester. Page 94.1 "The family arms, arg., wivern, with wings displayed gu. Crests, first, an eagle displayed; second, a naked dexter arm and hand erect, holding a battle axe sa, headed arg." Page 95.1 He married Mary SHUTE. They had the following children: i. John DRAKE; John Drake settled at Peekskill Hollow. page 94.1 4 ii. Samuel DRAKE MD 5 iii. Benjamin DRAKE 6 iv. Jasper DRAKE v. Rebecca DRAKE; vi. Sarah DRAKE; vii. Anna DRAKE; She married (?) FOWLER.
Fourth Generation ----------------------------------------
4. Samuel DRAKE MD. Born 1699. Died 1774. Occupation Medical Doctor. Samuel Drake of Fox Meadow, Scarsdale. page 94.1 Children: i. Gilbert DRAKE; Born 1713. Died 1803. [NOTE: Birth date not plausible - must be error in age at time of death. (90)]1 7 ii. Samuel DRAKE MD iii. Uriah DRAKE; iv. Sarah DRAKE; She married Job SHERWOOD. 5. Benjamin DRAKE. Benjamin Drake of East Chester. page 94.1 Children: 8 i. Benjamin DRAKE 9 ii. Joseph DRAKE Colonel 10 iii. Moses DRAKE iv. Abigail DRAKE; v. Mary DRAKE; She married Caleb WARD. vi. Sarah DRAKE; She married (?) HUNT. vii. Rebecca DRAKE; She married Caleb MORGAN. 6. Jasper DRAKE. According to source, Jasper, who lived in New York, had "several daughters" but does not name them - page 95.1 Children: i. Francis DRAKE; Died at sea.
Fifth Generation ----------------------------------------
7. Samuel DRAKE MD. Born 1730. Died 1793. Occupation Medical Doctor. Samuel Drake late of Troy, NY. page 94.1 Children: i. Joshua DRAKE; Died 1790. ii. Jasper DRAKE; Died 1829. iii. Elijah DRAKE; Died at 74 years of age - page 94. 1 iv. Francis DRAKE; Died 1814. v. Sarah DRAKE; She married John MANDEVILLE. vi. Ann DRAKE; Ann Drake died unmarried. page 94.1 vii. Mary DRAKE; Died 1820. She married Joseph LOCKWOOD. viii. Rebecca DRAKE; She married J. MILLEGREW. ix. Samuel DRAKE MD; Occupation Medical Doctor. 8. Benjamin DRAKE. He first married Susan PELL. He second married Martha SEAMAN. He third married Phoebe (?). He fourth married Charity ARCHER. They had the following children: 11 i. Thomas DRAKE 12 ii. Benjamin DRAKE 13 iii. James DRAKE 14 iv. John DRAKE 15 v. Jacob DRAKE vi. Moses DRAKE; Born 1776. He married Susan MORGAN. vii. Samuel DRAKE; Born Circa 1778. Died Circa 1800. Samuel Drake died at the age of 22 years, page 95.1 He married (?) MORGAN. viii. Mary DRAKE; She married Henry VERVALEN. ix. Phoebe DRAKE; She married Thomas LOVELL. x. Amy DRAKE; Amy Drake died unmarried, page 95.1 xi. Martha DRAKE; Martha Drake died at the age of ten years, page 95.1 9. Joseph DRAKE Colonel. Born 12 Jul 1737. Died 11 Sep 1836. Col. Joseph Drake of New Rochelle, page 95.1 He first married Phoebe HUNT. He second married Lydia MILLER. They had the following children: i. Joseph DRAKE; Born 2 Dec 1766. Died 16 Jul 1794. 10. Moses DRAKE. Died Circa 1776. Moses Drake of Dutchess County, NY., died during the early part of the Revolutionary War, page 95.1 Children: 16 i. Jonathan DRAKE ii. Richard DRAKE; iii. Stephen DRAKE;
Sixth Generation ----------------------------------------
11. Thomas DRAKE. He married Susanna MORGAN. They had the following children: i. Charles DRAKE MD; Born 1789. Died 1832. Occupation Medical Doctor. Charles Drake MD of New York, NY, a distinguished physician, page 94.1 ii. Sarah DRAKE; She married Jonathan CODDINGTON. iii. Susan DRAKE; iv. Anne DRAKE; She married John SEAMAN. 12. Benjamin DRAKE. Born 21 Feb 1763. Died 17 Jun 1822. He married Mary PARCOT. Died 1820. They had the following children: 17 i. Daniel DRAKE ii. Susannah DRAKE; Born 8 Jan 1788. She married Isaac BONNET. iii. Nancy DRAKE; She married Absalom BONNET. 13. James DRAKE. He married Sarah DODGE. They had the following children: i. James DRAKE; ii. Susan DRAKE; She married Joseph DRAKE. iii. Sarah DRAKE; She married Richard LAWRENCE. iv. Mary DRAKE; She married (?) LISMEKEESE Reverend. 14. John DRAKE. Born 1772. He married Magdalene GUION. Born 1774. They had the following children: i. Martha Magdalene DRAKE; [NOTE: Source give a birth date of 18-10-1778 which is obviously wrong in the context given.] ii. Joseph DRAKE; Born 1796. iii. Susan DRAKE; iv. Elias Guion DRAKE; Born 7 Dec 1799. v. Benjamin DRAKE; Born 1801. vi. John Erskine DRAKE; Born 18 Sep 1802. vii. Caroline DRAKE; Born 1807. She married John R. TOWNSEND. viii. Jacob DRAKE; Born 1813. ix. Angeline E. DRAKE; She married Samuel J. SHIDMORE. 15. Jacob DRAKE. Source says couple had "other" children but does not name them, page 95. 1 He first married Mary WILLIAMS. They had the following children: i. Jonas W. DRAKE; Born 1799. He married Mary BETTS. He second married Susan ACKERLEY. They had the following children: i. William Henry DRAKE; ii. Mary Ann DRAKE; 16. Jonathan DRAKE. Source refers to a further "three daughters" but does not name them - page 95.1 Children: 18 i. Joseph Rodman DRAKE
Seventh Generation ----------------------------------------
17. Daniel DRAKE. Born 14 Apr 1786 in East Chester, NY, U.S.A. Occupation Farmer. Daniel Drake of New Rochelle, page 94.1 He first married Abigal MORGAN. He second married Susannah SOULICE, daughter of Joshua SOULICE. They had the following children: i. Thomas S. DRAKE; Born 30 May 1835 in New Rochelle, NY, U.S.A. Page 93.1 18. Joseph Rodman DRAKE. Born 1795. Died 1820. Occupation Poet. He married Sarah ECKFORD. They had the following children: i. (?) DRAKE; She married George DEKAY Colonel.
Reference Note 1 "Biographical History of WESTCHESTER COUNTY, New York." Volume 1. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company 1890. pp 93 - 96. Register Report - 15 Feb 1998
Trudy Bray