Drake marriages - Leeds, Yorkshire UK
From: Roy Stockdill
Date: Saturday, 5 June 2004 7:31 PM


Perhaps you might like to add the following.....

Frances DRAKE married Henry WORSNOP at Leeds Parish Church (St Peter's), Yorkshire, on August 21 1849.

Both parties were aged 19, Henry a bachelor, occupation bricklayer, Frances a spinster. The address of both was given as Gower Street, Leeds.

Groom's father: Thomas WORSNOP, bricklayer.
Bride's father: John DRAKE, engineer.
Witnesses: Robert Knaggs and Margaret Gaffney

(Source: GRO marriage certificate).

Henry Worsnop was my relative, not Frances Drake. Henry was the son of Thomas Worsnop, who was my gt-gt-grandfather. Henry was the brother of Charlotte Worsnop, Thomas's middle daughter of three, who was my great-grandmother. Thus Henry was my great-grand-uncle (I think that is the correct term). Thomas Worsnop is described on the certificate as a bricklayer, which may have been an occasional occupation, but actually he was a police officer in Scarborough for 30 years.

Henry and Frances Worsnop (nee Drake) had three children all born in Leeds, whose details I can supply, but since they were born as Worsnops I imagine you will not want them. They were living in Scarbrough in the 1861 census. That is the extent of my DRAKE interests, I'm afraid.

Best wishes