Drake baptisms
Drake baptisms -  Pitminster, St Mary and St Andrew Baptisms 1649-1886
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  Drake family BDMs
Drake family BDMs - baptisms
If you would like to add any material that is related to the Drake family to this list, please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - drake@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your entries will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.

Drake baptisms - Pitminster, St Mary and St Andrew Baptisms 1649-1886
Drake * 01 Apr 1731 s Richard/Mary, ?fname=Rosinas
Drake Betty 15 Aug 1798 d Robert/Mary
Drake Betty 25 Oct 1725 d Richard/Mary
Drake Betty 30 Oct 1796 d Robert/Mary
Drake Eleanor 20 Jul 1722 d Robert/Sarah Lineage
Drake Elenour 04 Dec 1763 d William/Mary
Drake Elizabeth 26 Oct 1662 d Robert
Drake Hannah 16 Jun 1772 d William/Mary
Drake Hannah 26 Dec 1732 d William/Mary
Drake Imanuell 16 Jun 1682 s Edward, Corffe Lineage
Drake James 11 Dec 1794 bbs Sarah
Drake James 23 Mar 1760 s Robert/Betty
Drake Jane 06 Jan 1785 bbd Sarah
Drake Jane 17 Jun 1800 d Robert/Mary
Drake Jane 19 Mar 1801 d Robert/Mary
Drake Joan 11 Oct 1727 d Richard/Mary
Drake John 22 Feb 1731 s Robert/Sarah
Drake John 29 Mar 1791 s Robert/Mary
Drake Malley 27 Aug 1719 d Richard/Mary
Drake Mary 05 Jan 1734 d Robert/Sarah Lineage
Drake Mary 08 Oct 1752 d Robert/Mary
Drake Mary 25 Sep 1794 d Robert/Mary
Drake Richard 21 Feb 1722 s Richard/Mary
Drake Robert 02 Sep 1792 s Robert/Mary
Drake Robert 12 Sep 1725 s Robert/Sarah
Drake Robert 20 Apr 1760 s John/Mary Lineage
Drake Sarah 02 Dec 1759 d William/Mary
Drake Sarah 05 Jun 1664 d Robert, Mr
Drake William 10 Jan 1719 s Robert/Sarah
Drake William 14 Mar 1762 s John/Mary
Drake William 24 Jan 1773 s William/Mary