The TRILL of Axminster Church the south aile or Drake's aile
From: Paul William Harding

Subject: The Trill
Date: Sunday, 5 January 2003 1:48 AM

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       The TRILL of Axminster Church  the south  aile or Drake's aile or ( 
Trill aile has been termed the The TRILL.)
    The Minister of Axminster Church, below year they were Institution and 
Presentation by 
    In 1577 Richard Drake Esq.
    In 1660 Sir John Drake knt and bart. The true Patron
    In 1662 Sir John Drake of Trill bart.
    In 1669 Sir William Drake of Ash, bart true Patron
    In 1699 Sir William Drake of Ash. Bart.

    The interior, which was divided from the base of the tower by an open 
screen of carved oak, was occupied as a pew by the Drake family, and a vault 
beneath it is their burial place. 
    The roof was similarly ornamented; one of the pillars was carved with the 
arms of Poulett, and the screen with those of TRILL.

    ' This movement in Trill Ile is the movement of Sir John Drake knt & bart 
 & Jane his first wife ye dau'r of Sir John Yong of Culliton knt & bart by 
whom he had 2 sones & 1 daughter viz, John, Walter & Elizabeth, His said wife 
Jane died 31 July 1652.


    Here were deposited Jane wife of Sir John Drake, 1652, Sir John Drake knt 
& Bart 1669, Susanna wife of George Drake 1676, Dionysia second wife Sir John 
Drake, 1679, George Drake 1682, Sir William Drake bart 1733
    Chancel Walls
    William Drake of this town, died 28 July 1775 aged 48, Mary his reliect 
died 8 Nov 1808 aged 77,
Son William died Jamaica 18 Aug 1809, aged 58.
    North Aile Floor
    Thomas Fry, died 8 Apr 1754 aged 53, Mary, wife of William Drake and 
widow of Thomas Fry
    Died 6 Oct 1759 aged 40

    Book published 1835 by James Davidson, and sold by E. Wills Axminster 
printed by W.C. Pollard, North Street  " The History of Axminster Church.

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