Our Ancestors -
Benjamin Drake and Sara (Sally) Buchanan

Date: Thursday, 22 July 1999 2:23

Hello all researchers of the Benjamin Drake (1729-1827) and Sara (Sally) Buchanan (1730-1815).

I and many of my cousins have been researching the Benjamin Drake's or some 15 years, we have compiled much information in this regard.
I have been to Benjamin's gravsite recently at Drake's Cliff-Watauga Old Fields, Elizabethton, Carter County, East TN.
And what I found was deplorable! The cemetery has been abandoned and it is now all grown up with weeds, brush, wild brambles and lots and lots of Poison Ivy.The graves have collapsed into the hole of the grave on top of the resident therein.
I have set upon a course to rectify this disaster, by forming a Cemetery restoration program, accepting any and all volunteers to help in whatever way you can.
If you wish to participate, then E:mail me at this address, for further information:
Sincerely, Leo O. Drake,ggg Grandson of Benjamin & Sara Drake.