Our Ancestors -
Benjamin Drake and Sara (Sally) Buchanan

This week has been one huge success, as related to the Cemetery Rehabbing Project.
First off, I called the Library in Elizabethton, inquiring about the residents in the
Drake’s Cliff Cemetery, after introducing myself, to the librarian she was more
than willing to accommodate me, and said I would have the list before the week is out.

Next:-today, 22nd. I called the Registar’s office in Elizabethton asking for details
who owned the cemetery property? Well, within minutes I had the answer.
There are two houses abutting the cemetery area and these two people are the owners.
{Map 34-Parcel 158}owners: James Lyons and Herman Rains.
However I called Landon Pritchard {the Moore’s} and they told me even though they
were the owners they couldn’t stop us from doing the re-habb, in as much the cemetery
is public domain and no-one could stop people from entering the
cemetery, or doing whatever necessary for it’s upkeep. The reason the Moore’s are so
sure of this, is they have a cemetery on their property and they cannot even close the gate to the cemetery withou violating the legality of such an act.

Another thing I asked the Registar about was the legal name of the cemetery.
Guess what? It is as I have always maintained, and that the name is and always has
been The Drake’s Cliff Cemetery.
While talking to Landon, he gave me the best news of all! Well almost. He said he
thought he could get the County Work team {there are ten men on this team}
who take care of the Beautification of the Elizabethton area to do the clean-up of the total area of the cemetery.
WOW! I was so excited I could hardly talk. Now talk about things coming together? All of this is astounding! Surely the good lord has his hand in this project.

After all of this great news, I decided to close up shop for the day, as it was now
6:54 PM, and I couldn’t handle anymore good news this day.