Our Ancestors -
Benjamin Drake and Sara (Sally) Buchanan

Date: Saturday, 31 July 1999 4:40

Dear cousins, and all other interested Genealogy Researchers:

Now is the time to come to the aid of the party? The Party is the restoration of the Drake's Cliff Cemetery.
The few physical workers are doing a good job in this effort, "the cemetery is now being cleaned up by some {uncontested and unknown citizens of Watauga and Elizabethton"}. However for those who cannot donate any physical help, They can at this time donate some monitary help. By that I mean some bucks, like about 100 dollars each,or more. And tell all of your family and friends to give generously to this Historical and worth while cause! We need to purchase a large directory for the entrance, so that all cemetery residents may be placed there-in As well as all doners for the restoration program of said cemetery. We will need a large sign with the name Drake's Cliff Cemetry . "By the way" This is and always has been the Legal name! {So said the office of the Registar in Elizabethton}.
We will need to install a split rail fence around the parameter of the cemetery. We will need to purchase lots of blue stone chips for the roadway up to the cemetery as well as some for a 75 ft deep x 150 ft L. parking area, we will need 150 plot steaks with the names and pertnant information of the decedent thereon. And money to clean up the older head stones. Then there is the unknown factor cost which always creeps into the equation, add another 15% for that.
I do hope we can complete this project by late October or early November so we may have a "Cemetery Restoration Ceremony". All Ancestors and everyone else is invited as well as many local people, TV, Radio and the Newspapers for publicity and the Mayor to speak, The Librarian and assistants, Mr. and Mrs Landon Pritchard who have contributed so much for this wonderful project. Other large contributors as Mr. and Mrs. Ward Calton, Reverend Raymond Drake and wife Gesila, Mr. and Mrs. Francie Lane, and as many others that can make it to this great event. I would like to see as many as 50 or more Ancestors together with as many locals.
I have drawn up an invitation with program which will be mailed out with the iteneary. All you have to do is bring yourselves and as many friends and relatives as possible. {This is a great place to vacation}, Lets make this an event that will always be remembered. "We owe it to Benjamin And Sara" Please snail mail your address to me with your donation and any pertinent comments.
With kind regards,

Leo O. Drake, Program Administrator
Ridge Lane, Tall Oaks
Mill Neck, LI-NY 11765-0349
Pho: (516) 922-2874 -"unlisted"
E:mail ldrake@optonline.net