Our Ancestors -
Benjamin Drake and Sara (Sally) Buchanan

Warren CountyTennessee bible records,
tombstone inscriptions and other

From the writings of Leo O. Drake-Copyright by Leo O. Drake,used by permission.

According to very responsible tradition the pioneers of Asbury Settlement honored and collected the history of Warren County, as known to them upon their first arrival.
As recounted by Captain John Kelly, grandson of the patriarch Reuben, he himself remembered three diaries that had been written in the settlement and as a boy “he was often present when the entire settlement would meet in the evening to hear these diaries read and talked about” and one can imagine how weird and mystical some of these tales have sounded in the darkening twilight, within sound of the Caney Fork River. One of the diaries was kept by a young Virginian, a school teacher, who came west with Peter Nuckoll, went to New Orleans under Jackson and never returned. All these precious papers have been lost, but from “reading and rereading” much of the history was remembered. As they sat thus together in the quiet evening time, the men and women of the little settlement must have often spoken of a very patriotic service once performed by the older men of the community. Sometime when General Jackson and his army were at New Orleans word came to the settlement that the General’s powder was running low. Immediately Reuben Roberts, Elijah Drake, Peter Buren, Peter Nuckoll, George Sanders, and others from material gotten from the Big Bone Cave and other places, made a large quantity of powder, packed it in wagons drawn by oxen and cutting a new and direct route as they went, by Short Mountain, Rutherford and Davidson Counties to Nashville, loaded the powder on flat boats and sent it to New Orleans to General Jackson.
“The road so cut and traveled was the old road to Nashville” and is mentioned in Warren County Road Books as late as 1858. ( This taken from letters of Captain R. Roberts.)
Mc Minnville and it’s Old Graveyards
That it may be known what manner of men and women are buried in the old cemetary adjoining Mc Minnville?
who they were, from where they came, what is remembered of their lives in the town and all the other questions we ask ourselves when wandering through the burial places.

WHITE COUNTY, TN. LAND SURVEYS: Originals located in State Land Office.
Book A-Surveyed for:
Isaac Drake-Page. 358
Elijah Drake-Page 546

Page 108: Land Grant # 3539,14 Nov. 1811, Tennessee by part Certificate 235, dated 13 April 1809, to Thomas Dillon, entered 29 September 1809 by # 3954 as Occupant Claim grants to JACOB DRAKE, assignee of said Dillon, 102 acres in First District. 10th section in First Range, including improvements of Thomas Laxron, on South Side of Caney Fork River.

Page 109: Land Grant # 3540, Date and Grantor as above, for military service by Robert Gamble to North Carolina, Warrant 5772, dated December 9 1797, entered 21 July 1808, by # 2015, grants to JACOB DRAKE, assignee of Gamble, 100 acres part said Warrant in same area as above grant.

Page 112: Indenture 26 Feb. 1813: JACOB DRAKE, Warren Co., TN, one part and Abraham Denton and Absalom (relationship not stated), other part, $600 paid, track of 100 acres in First District in 10th Section of First Range on South Side of Caney Fork River, beginning near present dwelling house of Thomas Laxon, adjoining James Holmes. Witness: Alexander Cook, Robert Armstrong.
*For Further Land Transactions involving the Drakes’ see original documents of Leo O. Drake.
Page 511:, VOLUME F:Page 78:, Page 321:, Page 322:, Page 323:, VOLUME F: Page 388:, Page 390:,Page 391:, and the following.
*Page 409: Indenture 21 July 1818: JACOB DRAKE, ELIJAH DRAKE AND ISAAC DRAKE, all of Warren Co., TN, one part; and Randolph Ross of State of Virginia, $112 paid, all their interest in Grantors by virtue if /deed of Transfer from Richard C. Cradock, who holds title By Sheriff deed dated 19 Oct 1815 to 1 furnace,3 kettles, 15 acres of land, including Big Bone Cave, and 100 acres between said cave and James Holman survey, which property was sold by sheriff on 14 April as property of Tucker Woodsman and purchased by said Cradock, by his agent Robert B. Mitchell. Witness: Elihu Sanders, Joseph Medley.
NOTE: BIG BONE CAVE: Is one of the areas where material garnered Namely (saltpeter) added to a mixture of sulfur, and charcoal was used to make gun powder, used in cartridges, which was delivered to General Jackson in New Orleans.
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