Our Ancestors -
Benjamin Drake and Sara (Sally) Buchanan

Davidson County Tennessee.

Davidson County Tennessee.

Compiled by: W.M. (Billy ) Ramsey, 8904-60th Avenue Berwyn Hgts. MD.20740-Source Material- Tenn. Cousins-
By: W.S. Ray.

BENJAMIN DRAKE: Was among some of the first settlers on the sight of present Nashville, Tennessee in Davidson CO, TN. who came overland with General James Robertson in 1781. Benjamin bought on August, 10 1784, 640 acres on Miller’s Creek on Sulfur Fork and on Sept. 13 1785 another 640 more acres on Barton’s Creek below the Meat Cribs. This land was surveyed by Daniel Smith and was located in the area of Davidson Co. which, in 1786 became Sumner County. A Benjamin Drake also owned land in Carter CO. Tnn., (also a John Drake,) on a tract of land called Watagua Old fields. Probably not the same Davidson co. Benjamin Drakes.


A Benjamin Drake: Was on the tax list of Carter County TN.in 1797 and owned 3391/2 acres of land. Since Carter County was a part of Washington County earlier this Benjamin could have been the same person. However there was another Benjamin Drake in Davidson County Tenn. about the same time and Davidson County also was part of Washington County earlier. However one of Benjamin Drake sons’ Elijah is listed as born in Bucks County PA. If this is so then Benjamin was not in Washington County in 1778. But could have been in Carter County in 1797.
We do not know whether Benjamin came alone from Jersey Island or if his Parents came also. Benjamin settled on Juanita River. Juanita river presently devides Janet and Snyder Counties. Evidently Benjamin son ‘ Jacob, and Isaac, was born near Juanita River. Note: that Jacob’s’ nick name was “Juanita Jake”.