Our Ancestors -
Benjamin Drake and Sara (Sally) Buchanan

marital affairs.

Saturday, August 07, 1999

Some very important information has come to the fore -Regarding the martial being of one Benjamin Drake:


New evidence has appeared on the scene of the DRAKE-L@rootsweb.com Internet genealogy web site. It seems we have plowed into some new soil regarding the on-going research of Benjamin and his martial affairs. It seems he may have had two wives? the first being Sara (Sally) Buchanan. m1751 wherein Sara may have had three daughters by Benjamin. "Then there possibly were these events, or more", wherein Sara may have died, or there was a divorce. {This is conjecture not fact} In 1751 Benjamin was 22 yrs old. Now with this new date of 1762 he would be 33 yrs old. It seems to me with 3 daughters to raise he no doubt would marry again. {the marriage length with Sara 11 yrs.}, long enough to have produced three daughters. No doubt Benjamin wanted not only to have a mother for his daughters but to continue producing enough sons to tend his large farm'(s) Are you following my thoughts? ? ? ? ?