Our Ancestors
- Benjamin Drake and Sara (Sally) Buchanan -
In defense of Sara (Sally) Buchanan - the Great Enigma

In Europe, the years of the seventeen hundreds, and before, women were thought of as chattel (Personnel property). This idea was brought to America as well,
Thus it was common practice to ignore females except as child bearing machines and the keeper of the domicile. In the first census, of Huntingdon County PA 1790 this practice was prevalent, wherein the census takers made record of population, economic status, age, sex, etc. However when it came to the gender recordings only heads of family names are listed. It was done thusly. Benjamin Drake with three males under 16 and 4 females all ages.--- (Abraham had already married and not at home). No distinction between Mother and daughters, and no ages or names were noted.(one female was probably the mother, Sara.)
In as much as the line of inheritance was a vested interest in the male, females were not important. In America it was not until 1920 when the woman suffrage act was passed (the 19th amendment) the right of women to vote.
Therefore the practice of family record keeping was in the family bible, that is if one were available.
In my view it seems it is entirely possible that Sara was not in any recorded legal documents, because wives were not required to do so. Perhaps if we could find a marriage licenses, birth certificate or a bible record, all would be saved. “I have checked County of Bucks Pennsylvania- Abstracts of Wills filed in the register’s office, at Doylestown,Vol-1, 1685-1793 and found nothing, in the above regard.
Foot note: All of the above about Women is not, I repeat not my opinion of Women.

Leo O. Drake