John Drake, baptized September 29, 1709, in Farway

John Drake, baptized September 29, 1709, in Farway; mayor of Plymouth, collector of customs; died during his mayoralty; buried 1752-3, in Saint Andrew's, Plymouth; married, license dated August 13, 1736, Anne Spicer of Farway; buried October 25, 1786 in Saint Andrew's, Plymouth. Children: 1. John, born about 1737; leutenant 33d regiment; received freedom of Glasgow; died March, 1810. 2. Catherine, married Capt. Robert Rogers of Royal Navy, son of Sir John Rogers. She died, aged 19 years, s.p. 3. Anne Pollexfen, married first, William Young, Roy Navy, of Plymouth who died March 25, 1772; two children; married second, George James Prosset, Capt. Royal Marines; died February 26, 1796, in Ireland; two daughters.