R Jack Drake and Navajo Missions

From: Judy Drake, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Date: Saturday, September 25, 1999 3:42 PM

"Éé neishoodiitsoh", The Big Missionary
 My father-in-law, R Jack Drake was  b. 1921 in Michigan. 
In 1947 R Jack Drake, having graduated from Moody Bible Institute and Wheaton
College, accepted a teaching position at the Methodist Mission School in 
Farmington, New Mexico, USA. During the next few years Jack recognized the 
need for a home for many of the Navajo children who had no one to care for 
them. The plight of these children led to Jack's decision to build Navajo 
Missions in Farmington. He went on speaking tours to raise money. In 1953 he 
bought 12 acres of land and set up a borrowed tent where he and his family 
would live while the first houses were being built. There are now four large 
houses at Navajo Missions and fifth is being constructed. Hundreds of Navajo 
children have grown up in the family atmosphere of those homes. Each 
receiving at least a high school education and many going on to college or 
trade schools. At Jack's funeral earlier this year, there were hundreds of 
Navajo people present. Not only those who had grown up at the mission, but 
many who remembered Jack from his days of ministering on the Reservation. 
Jack had provided for both their spiritual and physical needs bringing food, 
clothing, and blankets to the remote areas of New Mexico and Arizona for many 
Even though Jack is gone now, his work continues through others who share
his beliefs and dedication.