Dr. William J. Drake

William J. Drake is Associate Director of the Communication, Culture and Technology Program at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. He is also a Research Associate of the Institute for Tele-Information at Columbia University ; a member of the Editorial Board of the journal, Telecommunications Policy; and a consultant to businesses, think tanks, the United States government, and international organizations. Before coming to Georgetown, Dr. Drake was Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of California, San Diego. He also has been an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University's Graduate School of Business Administration; an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow; an Albert Gallatin Fellow in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland; a Ford Fellow in European Society and Western Security at the Center for International Affairs, Harvard University; and a MacArthur Fellow in International Security Studies, also at the Center for International Affairs, Harvard University.

Dr. Drake's research is on the political economy and institutional organization of national and global communications and information industries. Particular teaching and research interests include the history of media systems and models, the social construction of the information revolution, telecommunications policy and U.S. national information infrastructure, the historical evolution and contemporary transformation of international communications regimes and multilateral institutions, the transition to a networked global information economy, the Internet, and the global information infrastructure.

Ph.D. Political Science (Columbia University)
M.Phil. Political Science (Columbia University)
M.A. Political Science (Columbia University)
B.A. Political Science ( Northwestern University)

  Selected Publications:

Books and Monographs

Toward Sustainable Competition in Global Telecommunications: From Principle to Practice---Summary Report of the Third Aspen Institute Roundtable on International Telecommunications  (Washington D.C.: Aspen Institute, 1998).

Editor, Telecommunications in the Information Age (Washington D.C.: United States Information Agency, 1998).

Editor, The New Information Infrastructure: Strategies for US Policy (New York: The Twentieth Century Fund Press, 1995).

William J. Drake and the Office of International Affairs, National Academy of Sciences. Summary Report of the Workshop on The Revolution in Information and Communications Technology and the Conduct of US Foreign Affairs (Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press: 1988).


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"Introduction: The Turning Point," pp. 1-27; "The National Information Infrastructure Debate: Issues, Interests, and the Congressional Process," pp. 305-344; "Conclusion: Policies for the National and Global Information Infrastructures," , pp. 345-378; in Drake, ed., The New Information Infrastructure.

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"WATTC-88: Restructuring the International Telecommunication Regulations," Telecommunications Policy 12 (September 1988): 217-233.

Online Syllabi:
CCTP-505 Introduction to Communication, Culture and Technology
CCTP-705 The Transformation of the Global Communications Order

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