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Early Drake records - Lay Subsidy Roll 1524
These early records have been compiled over a period of time from the Drake-L, English databases and other sources. No attempt is being made by me to take credit for material that has been sent in by other people. My apologies for not crediting all sources of this material -
If you would like to add any material to this page please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - roy@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your enquiry will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.

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4)Lay Subsidy Roll 1524. Robert Drake was assessed for his goods at 38. He asked allowance upon his oath for 80 sheep-priced 6, 2 oxen-priced 2, 4 kye(chicken) at 26/8d, 3 horses worth 4, that all died of the moryn (murrien - an infectious disease/plague). For his and his wife's clothes priced 4. so remains a subsidy of 20.13s 4d. Richard Drake assessed for 40. He asked allowance for 80 sheep priced 4, which died of the moryn, also 3 that a thief stole, for an oxen given to the vicar for a mortuary upon the death of his wife priced 1 and his clothes priced 3. So remains a subsidy of 29.

The neighbouring village of East Budleigh (birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh) paid its corn tithes to a John Drake of Spratshayes, Littleham. This man also owned a large part of Exmouth. His family generations
later built the school in E.B. They were a large and prosperous family in the area. The name of John Drake first appears on a roll for East Budleigh in1360.

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