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Early Drake records - Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940 - Early Drake records
These early records have been compiled over a period of time from the Drake-L, English databases and other sources. No attempt is being made by me to take credit for material that has been sent in by other people. My apologies for not crediting all sources of this material -
If you would like to add any material to this page please send me an email with your details to Roy Andrews - roy@xroyvision.com.au It will take about a week before your enquiry will appear on this database - or post your enquiries - comments directly onto the DRAKE MESSAGE BOARD.

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From: "Marshall" marshal@jps.net

Date: Friday, November 20, 1998 10:10 AM

Drake, Joseph Place : America
Year : 1720
Primary Individual : Drake, Joseph
Source Code : 1217.9
Source Name : COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. Bonded Passengers to America. 9 vols. in 3. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983. Vol. 9. Midland Circuit, 1671-1775: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Warwickshire, and Strays [misc.]. 60p.
Source Page # : 47
Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940

Drake, Joseph Place : Pennsylvania
Year : 1683
Primary Individual : Drake, Joseph
Source Code : 8370
Source Name : SHEPPARD, WALTER LEE, JR., compiler and editor. Passengers and Ships prior to 1684. (Publications of the Welcome Society of Pennsylvania, 1.) Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1970. 245p. Reprinted by Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1985.
Source Annotation : This excellent work contains over 3,000 names and an index to vessels. Reprints the following articles with corrections, additions, and new materials: "The Real Welcome Passengers," by Marion Balderston (no. 242) pp. 1-26; "Pennsylvania's 1683 Ships," (no. 236), pp. 75-120; "William Penn's Twenty-Three Ships," (no. 248) pp. 27-69; "Early Shipping to the Jersey Shore of the Delaware," by Sheppard and Balderston (no. 8390) pp. 135-138; "The Philadelphia and Bucks County Registers of Arrivals," compared, corrected, and re-transcribed by Roach (no. 7585) pp. 159-175, from Futhey and Cope, no. 2313, and Battle, no. 418. Includes "The Names of the Early Settlers of Darby Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania," by Bunting (no. 1018) pp. 179-185; "The Sailing of the Ship Submission in the Year 1682," by Dickson (no. 1587); "The First Purchasers of Pennsylvania," by Roach (no. 7570) pp. 195-208. Also includes "Digest of Ship and Passenger Arrivals in the Delaware" by Sheppard, pp. 121-126.
Source Page # : 109

Ken & Barbara Marshall