Drake land deeds
Drake other party Countydate ref source
Benjamin Joseph Kelso Huntingdon County, PA 23 august 1790 Deed Book VA-1, page 349-350
Benjamin John Warts Huntingdon County, PA 25 october 1790 Deed Book VA-1, page 366
Benjamin     Carter County, TN 23 december 1795 Deed Book Volume A, page 96
Benjamin John Antrobus and Isabell   Decatur, Indiana 9th Oct 1824 Deed Book A 1822-27 127
Benjamin John Nelson   Decatur, Indiana 8th June 1824 DECATUR CO ORIGINAL DEED BOOK A No 126
Benjamin McKay McCarty and Nancy  Decatur, Indiana 3rd April 1830 DECATUR CO ORIGINAL DEED BOOK B 1827 - 1831
Silas J Gee / Walthall families Lunenburg County, VA 22nd, November 1875 Deed Book VA 39, Page 553
Silas J John D. Bell and Mary F Lunenburg County, VA 4th, January 1881 Deed Book VA 43, Page 120
Silas J J. J. Walker & L. Walker Lunenburg County, VA 28th, January, 1888 Deed Book VA 43, Page, 120
Silas J Mary E. (Walker) Drake Lunenburg County, VA 3rd May, 1889 Deed Book, VA 43 - Page 439
Thomas Nicholas Hobson Lunenburg County, VA 31 March 1775 Deed Book VA 12, PP. 453-455


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