From: Margaret G. Driskill
Date: Saturday, 19 September 1998 6:42

Lunenburg County, Virginia
3rd May, 1889,
DEED BOOK, 43 - Page 439

DEED - S. J. DRAKE (Silas James DRAKE) to wife - Mary E. (WALKER) DRAKE

This Deed made this the 3rd day of May, 1889, between S. J. Drake party of the first part and Mary E. Drake wife of the said S. J. Drake party of the second part all of Lunenburg County, Virginia. Witnesseth: That said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred dollars, doth grant, bargain sell and convey unto the said Mary E. Drake for and during the time of her natural life and at her death to the children of the said S. J. and Mary E. Drake, his wife, in fee simple, all of that certain tract or parcel of land lying in Lunenburg County, VA it being the same upon which the said party of the first part now resides, and containing 11.3 acres be the same more or less. But this deed is made subject to a trust deed executed by the party of the first part to Wm Walker, trustee to secure a debt due Tho Cooksey of $50. dated, December 14th 1888. Witness the following signature and seal this day and year above written.

S. J. Drake {SEAL}

Lunenburg County Court Clerk's Office, May 3rd, 1889, The foregoing deed was presented to the Clerk in his office aforesaid and acknowledged by S. J. Drake to be his act lands deed and admitted to record.

Teste, Jno L. Gates, Clerk

{Transcriber's Notes: There is a physical drawing of the acreage involved, showing border on the North by a Black Oak, on the East by Jno Fowlkes property, on the South by W.W. Web and W.H. Maddox and others, and on the West by M. J. Winn's property}

The above figure represents a tract of land containing 117 acres, 1 Road and 29 perches lying on the waters of Flat Rock Creek in the County of Lunenburg with boundaries as follows: - Commencing at point make 'A' on plat near the land of Jno Fowlkes estate - Thence along road to 'B' - thence N 81 3/4 degrees - 52 1/10 poles to 'C' White Oak - Thence N 17 3/4 degrees W - 24 poles - N 23 degrees W - 14 poles N 30 degrees W - 70 poles - N 17 degrees West - 11 2/3 poles to' D'. Hickory on Creed - Thence along Creek to 'E' - Thence N 51 degrees W - 20 poles to small drain - Thence along drain to 'G' Black Oak - Thence N 50 1/2 degrees W - 12 poles to 'H' posh oak - Thence S 9 3/4 degrees W - 55 3/4 degrees poles to 'I' Creek - Thence across Creek along old Road to 'K' Maple - Thence S 46 degrees W - 18 poles to persimmon - Thence S 33 degrees W - 12 poles to persimmon - Thence S. 34 1/2 W - 23 12 poles to 'N' - Thence N 80 1/2 E - 14/00, N 85 degrees E - 8 poles, S 83 degrees - 14/00, N 85 Degrees E - 10/00, S 83 degrees E - 14/00 N 85 degrees E - 10 poles, N 79 degrees E - 10/00N 74 1/2 E - 14 poles, N 87 degrees E - 12 poles, N 82 1/2 degrees - 9 1/3 poles S 87 degrees E - 10 poles S 76 degrees E - 10 poles S 62 1/2 degrees E - 14 poles, S 66 1/2 degrees E - 12 poles, N 75 1/2 E - 8 poles, N 87 1/2 degrees East - 18 3/4 poles to point of beginning. Surveyed for C. M. Winn on the 5th day of November 1888.
By R. B. Seay, Co. Surveyor

Lunenburg County Court Clerks Office, April 6th, 1889. The foregoing plot survey which is referred to in the deed from Jno L. Gates, Clerk, Lunenburg Co. Ct. to C. M. Winn was this day admitted to records.
Teste: Jno L. Gates, C.C.