Abial Drake, wife Anna, Service; Conn. & New York;No. R307

At Statement made by Anna Drake, wife of Abial Drake

"I Anna Drake of Austerbitz in the county of Columbia & state of New York, being Eighty Three years of age do depose & say that I was born in Connecticut & my father lived in Wintonbury in said State & when I was about eight years of age my Father moved to the state of Massachusetts & soon after he moved to the town of Canaan which is now Austerbitz in the State of New York. I further depose to say that Abial Drake, my husband was born in Wintonbury, Hartford County & state of Connecticut & I have often heard my said husband say that he was a soldier & out in the Revolutionary War while living in the State of Connecticut for many months but the exact length of time I am unable to say & in the Early part of the War he moved to Canaan now Austerbitz in the State of New York & I have heard him say that he was out in the service quite a length of time after moving to the sd State of New York & out in alarms at different times. Further the deponent saith not."

Anna Drake

January 6th 1846.


Then the said Anna Drake personally appeared & made oath in due form of law that the above deposition by her subscribed is true before me. Geo. G. Fosker, Justice of Peace:

- - - - - - -

"In the case of the widow of Abiel Drake of Austerlitz, NY" The deposition of Anna Drake; Left in Pension office by the Rockwell of Mass. at request of Juet? Pedd? Dec 24, 1847" (Note this was on the cover of the following:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

I Charlessidy Urik, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas for said county, do certify that George G Fockett is a Justice of the Peace within forsaid county & wey on the 6th day of January 1846 when hintrim? depon?? of Anna Drake taken before a Justice of the Peace in and for said county duly . . . . this is verification of the above statement by the county clerk;

- - - - -

State of New York

Columbus County

On this twenty Eighth day of July in the year one thousand Eight hundred and forty five personally appeared Capt. Abraham P. Horand first prop of the court of common pleas in and for the county of Columbus Anna Drake a resident of said Austabitz aged Eighty two years who being duly sworn according to law on her oath making the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the pension made by the Act of Congress dated July 7th 1838 Entitled an act granting half pay and pension to certain widows: that she is the widow of Abial Drake in the War of the Revolution and served as will appear by the accompanying proof to which she refers for the particulars of his service the same having taken place prior to her marriage to him- She further declares that she was married to the said Abial Drake on or in the month of October seventeen hundred and eighty two that her said Husband the aforesaid Abial Drake died on the twenty ninth day of March Eighteen hundred and Nineteen. That she was not married to him prior to his having the service but the marriage took place prior to the first day of January, seventeen hundred and ninety four. viz; at the time above stated she also declares that she has not since the death of the said Abial Drake but states continues his widow. She cannot state the day of the month she was married but was married in the month of October Seventeen hundred and Eighty two.

Signed: Anna (herXmark) Drake

John I. Travers, Clerk of Columbia, and Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas certified the above statement - 11 August, 1845;

- - - - -

Affidavit by: Herman Sprague of Austerlitze NY

I Herman Sprague of Austerlitze in the County of Columbia & State of New York, aged Sixty five years, do testify and say that I was well acquainted with Abial Drake in his lifetime late of said Austerlitze, deceased, and Anna Drake his widow I lived in the family of Abial Drake for many years & I have often heard him say that previous to the Revolutionary War and after the commence of the War that he lived in the State of Connecticut and that he served in the Revolutionary War while living in that state several months & before the close of the War he moved to the state of New York & was out in some short terms in Conn. after he moved to said Austerlitze And I also say that at the request that the said Anna Drake I have made search of the taxes, records I have made search of her Bible and also all the account books in about at the house & cannot find any record of their marriage,- The said Anna has caused the deposition to be taken of her sister Louis St John who lives in the City of New York & was at the wedding & the deposition has been sent to Washington as she supposes amongst the rest of the papers.

Signed: Herman Sprague

Weststockbridge Nov. 15, 1845

Berkshire L Weststockbridge

Nov 15, 1845 - the above named Herman Sprey made oath to the foregoing deposition personally before me and thereby certify that the above Herman Sprey is a credited witness.

Signed: Nathaniel Lisket, Justice of the Peace.

West Stockbridge NY Dec 4th 1854

Dear Sir:

Will you please inform me whether a Pension has been granted to Anna Drake of Austerlitz NY, widow of Abial Drake a Revolutionary Soldier.

If such pension has been granted please write me what the amount of it was and to whom the draft was sent.

Mrs. Drake has been dead two years or more and if a pension has been granted, the money should have been give to her heirs instead of to a grandson who it is supposed has obtained it.

Yours Truly, C H Woodruff

To F. P Waldo, Commissioner of Pensions

- - - - -

August 30, 1918

Miss Alice M. Gay

356 Ashley Street

Hartford, Connecticut


In response to you letter of the twelfth instant, you are advised that in the claim R. File No. 3071, Rev. War, it appears that Abial Drake was born (date not stated) at Wintonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut and during the early part of the Revolutionary War, moved from there to Austerlitz, Columbia County, New York, where he married October, 1782, Anna ________, and where he died March 29, 1813. The widow applied for pension July 28, 1845, while eighty-two years of age and a resident of Austerlitz, New York, alleging that her husband rendered several months service in the Revolutionary War while a resident of Connecticut and also while residing in New York. She stated no names of officers and no particulars of his service and her application was rejected on account of lack of proof of service as required by the Act of July 7, 1838, under which she applied.

She died about 1852. Very Respectfully, C Tremas, Acting Commissioner;

- - - - -

Washington Aug 9th 1852


I am requested by Neal Pease Esq. of Lenox, Mass. to ask for a re-examination of the claim of Anna Drake widow of Abiel Drake for Pension under the Act of 7th July, 1838on the New York suspended list.

Mr. Pease has shown me two letters from the Pension office in this case, of the dates of November 5th and December 18th 1845 and copies of depositions filed by him since that time from which it appears to me _______t the objectives state in said letters have been removed.

I am very respectfully Your obt. Servt. J. V. Crowly

To: F. C. Triptell Actg Court of Pensions

- - - - - -

Affidavit from Ruth Woodruff, widow of Asa Woodruff (Rev War Soldier)

I Ruth Woodruff of Weststockbridge in the County of Bershire & commonwealth of Massachusetts, aged seventy eight yearsdo depose & say that I was well acquainted with Abial Drake in his lifetime & I have often heard him say that he was in the War of the Revolution whilst living in the State of Connecticut & also after moving to the State of New York. My Husband Asa Woodruff was a Revolutionary soldier & I have often heard them talking together & tell what took place when out in the service & it has been a common report & generally understood that the said Abial was in the War of the Revolution & if living would be entitled to a pension. Further than this the deponent saith not. Signed: Ruth Woodruff

Certified by Geo G. Foskel, Justice of the Peace 24 November 1846 at Berkshire, Westbrockbridge Mass.

Charles Sedgewick, Clerk of the Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, of the County of Berkshire, certified George G. Foskel's certification dated 24 day of Nov 1846.

- - - - - - -

State of New York

Columbia County ss:

I Elisha B. Kellogg of the town of Austerlitz, an ______(looks as if it is Acfian), and Say that I am town clerk of the town of Austerlitz, County of Columbia and State of New York and that I have carefully examined all the books and records belonging to or relating to the said town of Austerlitz aforesaid in my possession and cannot find the name of Abial Drake and Anna Drake or as this of them upon any of said Records neither any record of their marriage. And further this affiant said not. Dated at Austerlitz the 6th day of April 1846. Signed Elisha B. Kellogg

- - - - -Certification of Elisha by John F. Traver, Clerk of County of Columbia.

- - - - - -

Another affidavit same as above know Ruth Woodruff. This time by Sarah Palmerly of West Stockbridge in the County of Berkshire & Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She was eighty eight years old when she testified October 14th 1846.

- - - - - -

Another affidavit which proves knowledge of knowing Abial and wife Anna Drake and Abial being in Revolution was by SILAS ROWLEY of Bloomfield (late Wintonburg) in the county of Hartford and State of Connecticut. Silas was eighty six years old and had resided in Bloomfield for 80 years. This affidavit taken September 21, 1846.

- - - - - -

Pension Office Oct 21 1852


I have examined the case of Anna Drake of NY and have to inform you that there is a service of 7 months & 12 days shown to have been performed by a man named Abial Drake but that this office has no evidence before itto show that this soldier was the husband of the applicant.

Her sister swears that she was married in 1781, but does not fortify her memory by any collateral circumstances.

Before the claim can be allowed,the date of the marriage must the established and her husband must be identified with the service above admitted.

Signed: J. J. Coombs Esq

- - - - - -

State of New York

County of Newark - The affidavit from Anna's sister, Louis(e or a) St. John and she tries to prove the marriage which she said took place and she attended in the fall of 1782. Above affidavits state 1781?? However, she says she doesn't remember the day or month but does remember the year. There is also some more writing covered and next to it is written: "Jacob Drake; sterlity a regular ______ the Gospel. I would say this is the person that married Abial and Anna?

- - - - - -

Note: Pension Office Dec 9, 1854; Sir: No pension has been allowed with the case of Anna Drake widow of Abiel of NY.