(REV. WAR) #724

Cornelius Drake (Capt Dickinson written under this); Private New Jersey Line;

Inscribed on Roll of New Jersey at the rate of $8. per month to commence on the 22nd of April 1818.

Certificate of Pension issued 27 of May 1818 and sent to Lewis Condict, Esqr. Morristown, New Jersey

Arrears to the 4th Sep 1818. . . .$35.40

- - - - -

The affidavit of Cornelius Drake - dated 30 July 1824; `

Zephaniah Drake, clerk of the Superior Court of Common Pleas for the County of Morris, State of New Jersey certified this affidavit.

Department of Interior - Bureau of Pensions

Washington DC

History of Cornelius Drake;

Enlisted Feb 19 1776 to June 6, 1783 Pvt/Corp/Sgt. Captains were Peter Dickerson and Ballard; under Colonel Elias Dayton NJ;

Battles engaged in: Short Hills, Staten Island, Brandywine; Germantown, Monmouth, Gen Sullivan's Expedition against the indians, Yorktown;

Residence of soldier at enlistment: Enlisted near Cook's Bridge, Essex Co, NJ;

Date of application: April 22, 1818 His claim allowed

Residence at date of Application: Rockaway, Morris Co NJ

Age at date of Application: born Oct 20, 1754

Remarks: In 1824 soldier referred to a daughter and grandson also in 1837, soldier stated his wife being dead, he moved to Penfield, Monroe County, NY to be with his two daughters and two sons. The above soldier in the only Cornelius Drake found in the Rev. War records of this Bureau.

In a letter within this claim, a Mr. Mott wrote to a Mr. Wade, it was dated Feb 2d 1852; "Cornelius Drake lost his wife twenty six years ago last March and remained a widower died ten years ago this December; giving further information on the dates of deaths of both the widow and Cornelius. Ended: