Lois Brewer, Former widow of Ebenezer Drake W.20791

11,189 Vermont

Ebenezer Drake

who was a private in the regiment commanded by Wyllis of the Connecticut line, for the term of 6 years.

Inscribed on the Roll of Vermont at the rate of $8 per month to comment the 7th of April, 1818.

Certificate of Pension issued 31 of May 1819 and sent to Meriab Dana, Esqr. Chelsea, Vermont;

Arrears to 4th March 1819 to ? . . . .$87.43

Semiannual all'ce ending Sep 1819. . . 48.00

Total $135.43 Revolutionary Claim Act 18th March 1818

- - - -

8271 Vermont (Montpelier)

Lois Brewer deceased who died on the 2nd day of May 1843 & formerly widow of Ebenezer Drake, deceased, was a Conn. pensioner under the Act of 1818 of Orange County, in the State of Vermont who was a Private in the Company commanded by Colonel Wyllis of the Connecticut line for 2 years.

Inscribed on the Roll of Montpelier at the rate of $80. per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1836.

Certificate issued the Sixth day of April 1844 and sent to JOHN KIMBELL BARTON, Vermont;


Recorded Bk D Volume I, Page 123 F. S. Swann, Clerk;


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Ebenezer Drake Private of Orange County, Vermont, served 1777 to 1783 in Col. Wyllys's regt Connt. line. 7th April 1818.

by: Josiah Dana, Judge, Chelsea, Vermt.

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An affidavit by Ebenezer Drake to secure a pension dated 7 April 1818 at Chelsea, Vt.; No age, just statement as to his war record.

An Affidavit - by David Paine; he states that Lois (Drake) Brewer, died 2d day of May, 1843 and she left as heirs, (giving names above). It is more than likely this David Paine is Polly's husband.

These children did receive the pension as seen above.




Ebenezer was inscribed on the Roll of MAINE, 10 April 1818 and received $86.66. Certificate was issued Jany 22, 1819 and sent to Judge Parris, State of Maine;

- - -

I, EBENEZER DRAKE, a resident, citizen of the United States of America, an inhabitant of Kelso in the County of Oxford and State of Massachusetts, do testify and say that on the 1st day of January, seventeen hundred and seventy six, enlisted into the Army of the United States of America in the continental establishment for a term of one year as a private soldier- in Captain Jesse C Allen's company, Colonel John Bailey's regt. and General William Heatly's Brigade, and in . . . .CONTINUING telling of his duty in the Revolution.

Signed: Ebenezer Drake

Maine District,ss; United States of America

BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the tenth day of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, personally came EBENEZER DRAKE the applicant named in the papers hereunto annexed and after being duly cautioned and examined made oath that the several statements by him made in the annexed application, signed by my presence are wholly true.

And the said applicant further offered in evidence, the affidavits of THADDEUS PRATT and JABESH CHURCHILL fellow soldiers with him the revolutionary war, made & signed in my presence relative to the applicants service in said war, and his circumstances in life, all which are hereunto annexed.

Signed: Alion H. Parris,Judge of the United States in the District of Maine.

- - - - -

Also given was an inventory of his property; (not listed here);

- - -Schedule of the family residing with me, Ebenezer Drake who by occupation am a farmer which I am unable to pursue by reason of age and Rheumatism:

Martha, wife of said Ebenezer 60 yrs old unable to labour by reason of sickness and age.

Certified by: Thomas Clark, Clerk of the Circuit Court; Common Pleas, for said county of Oxford, State of Maine;

dated: 24th June AD 1820;

- - - - - -

Ebenezer Drake, from Bridgewater, Mass. dated of death was 1826, widow was Martha Gurney Drake; Received his pension in Oxford County, Maine.

Name & Address of person: Edwin S. Drake of Portland, Maine;

- - - - - - -

Affidavit from Ebenezer Drake - Dated Oct. 23, 1822;

I Ebenezer Drake of Sumner in the county of Oxford and State of Maine, am oath deal? & say that ever since the month of March last I have lived with ALPHEUS DRAKE in said Sumner where I kept my papers and that on the sixteenth day of October, 1822 the house of said Alpheus Drake was insumed by fire and with it all my papers for army which papers was my pension certificate of 1818 and the additional certificate of my living was destroyed on the pension list of the dates of said certificate. (much of this is illegible but he wants copies of his records, I believe); Signed by: Ebenezer Drake and certified by JP, Stephen Emery Oct 23, 1822;

- - - - - - -

Another affidavit, this time from Ebenezer's son, EBENEZER DRAKE, JR. declaring the incident of the fire and trying to get the papers for his father. Dated Oct. 23, 1822. and again certified by Justice of the Peach, Stephen Emery; Then Enoch Lincoln verified that Stephen Emery was a justice of peace.

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A request for Ebenezer's war record was sent by:

John N. Drake

Counselor at Law

48 Wall Street

New York, NY Telephone 1754 John.

This letter was dated December 20th 1909 - in order to become member of the Society of the Sons of the Revolution.