Certificate #19144 Issued 29 Dec 1827 for his service as a private in the Revolution - $8 per month to commence 22 August 1823; total received $51.44. Hartford, Windsor County, Conn.

On his report of service, which was taken 2nd August, 1823, Elihu Drake is 60 years old.(bc1762)

Per his statements, he served in 1776 to 1777 altogether 9 months and was discharged at New Jersey.

Taken 22 August, 1823: He gave his property worth: $30.50 including a cow, ten sheep, 3 pigs, writing desk, 2 tables, 1 iron trol?, etc. following is interesting: Per Elihu Drake: "that by description I am a farmer & from age & infirmities I am unable to labor much - my family consists of a wife by the name of Siny, aged 50 years & 3 children one by the name of Warham aged 14 (bc1809) years; one by the name of Sanda aged 12 years (bc1811), and one by the name of Edward aged 10 years (bc1813); & by reason of late misfortune I am reduced with sons family on my hands & none of them able to contribute any thing of importance toward their support & am now placed in such indigent circumstances as to be unable to get support for myself my wife & children without the aid of my country.

Signed: Elihu Drake

- - - -

Dated: August 23, 1823; State of Connecticut, County of Hartford;

A certification that Elihu Drake is unable to continue operating without the aid of his country, due to the small amount of property he lost due to the operation of law. Signed:

Henry L Ellsworth

Job Drake

James Loomis

This was certified by Elihu Phelp, Justice of the Peace/same date.

- - - -

Thomas Hillyer made affidavit he served with Elihu Drake in service. Dated: December 6th 1823;

James Slater of Simsbury, County of Hartford, State of Connecticut, was a fifer in same company as Elihu Drake; 21 August, 1823;