Officers of Elijah, COLONEL SAMUEL DRAKE

Elijah was promoted to Major, which his certificate is within the files, dated March 6, 1779.

Within another affidavit by Elijah Drake, he states that COLONEL SAMUEL DRAKE lived only about a mile away from Elijah's father's home. This long affidavit was taken 21 day of March 1834, and he died a few months later.

The following is a full affidavit taken April 27th 1833. Some interesting information here:

State of New York }

Cayuga County }

Personally appeared before me the undersigned, a justice of the Peace in & for said County, ELIJAH DRAKE who being duly sworn, says that by reason of old age and the consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precess length of his services but according to his best recollection he served not less than the periods mentioned below and in the following grades. For one year I served as a private soldier. For eight months and a half I served as Ensign & for three years and five months I served as Second Lieutenant and for such service I claim a pension. And this deponent further says that the following are the reasons for the circumstances attending the change of his name as mentioned in his said declaration that Capt. Reuben Drake mentioned in his said declaration was his brother and Col. Samuel Drake the commander of the Regiment was his uncle and that most of the company soldiers and officers were his neighbors when at home with whom he had long been familiarly acquainted so much so that when on duty or then ? they were accustomed when they addressed him to call him Major instead of Ensign or Lieut Drake or Mr. Drake that in consequence of this familiarity in addressing him by the name of Major - officers from other parts who were unacquainted with his name were accustomed to make remarks something as follows when they hear him called Major - "Is that young man a Major? I would seem that Col. Drake's Regiment ought to have an older, more experienced & intelligent officer for a Majour than that young man". That such remarks was generally made when not on duty and used to give him this deponent unpleasant feelings that from this time he had a desire to change his name. And this deponent further says that his Captain Ebenezer Boyd was a man of feeble health so much so that he was not competent to the fatigue of continued service and his superior officers talked of superseding him in the command of said company that one or two years after, he, this deponent was appointed and commissioned second Lieutenant of said company he held a conversation with Col. Samuel Drake in which said Colonel informed him that it was contemplated to induce said Capt. Boyd to resign his commission & appoint this deponent to fill this place - that he, this deponent then remarked to him that he had determined never to receive another commission in his present name of Majour - the Col then asked him what names he proposed to assume in leu of it that he this deponent then remarked to him that a short time previous a cousin of this deponent had died whose name was Elijah Drake - that the name Elijah was a favorite name amongst the Drakes and that he deponent had concluded to assume the name of Elijah and that it was agreed between them that if a new commission issued to him it should issue to him as Elijah Drake - that this conversation became known generally to his comrades in arms and from that time they commenced calling him Elijah instead of Majour - that he was pleased with the change for the reasons above stated and from that time he has ever been called Elijah - And this deponent further says that the prospect of peace soon altered the affairs so that he was not appointed captain.

That he was at that time about twenty four years of age had always been in service since he became of age and had no business transactions of any kind which would render the change of his name in the least inconvenient to himself to prejudicial to others - that the foregoing is the manner in which his name was changed.

And this deponent further says that the head quarters of the corps to which he belonged was at Crompond was a general place detachments were sent down to and frequently below the line that Crompond was a general place of rendezvous. . . . . .

(It seems that Elijah Drake was named MAJOR DRAKE which I have found throughout the censuses where a child would be named Major or even General. I would say this Drake family was definitely military!

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An Affidavit dated September 18, 1832 by Jasper Drake - he served with Elijah Drake, better known before the Revolution as "Major Drake".

An Affidavit dated 19 July, 1832 by another soldier that served with Elijah Drake, better know when younger, as Major Drake was William W. Dean.

Another affidavit by Jasper Drake dated February 1834 this time giving his age as aged 71 years last September - born September 1762.

Affidavit dated 3 day of February 1834 by Smith Covert, aged fifty five years old.


R. Day of Moravia, NY dated 14 Dec 1839

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