BLWt 2666-160-55

This Elijah moved on to Michigan:

Elijah Drake of Genessee in the State of New York in the Corps commanded by Captain Schoonhoover of the Regt. commanded by Col. Stroud in the Penn. line for 9 months. 24.242


Inscribed on the Roll of New York at the rate of $30. per annum, commence on the 4th day of March 1831.

Certificate issued 15 day of Nov. 1833 and sent to Claimant, Gainsville; Total $90.00 Recd BkE Volume 4 Page 96;

Act March 3, 1855; dated March 24, 1855;

Ababail Drake, widow of Elijah Drake, Private - Revolutionary Pension Michigan.

160 acres May 15 1854;

Affidavit: Abigail Drake

State of Michigan

County of Oakland

On this Eleventh day of April one thousand eight hundred and fifty three personally appeared before me the undersigned, Abigail Drake, a resident of Royal Oak in the County of Oakland aforesaid, aged Eighty one years who being sworn according to law doth wishes her oath make the following declaration in order to take widows of the soldiers of the Revolutionary War; That she's the widow of Elijah Drake late of Royal Oak aforesaid deceased; That he was a private in the Revolutionary War and as such was a pensioner that his certificate for pension was issued on the fifteenth day of November, eight hundred and thirty three. Number 24242. Recorded in the Pension office in Book E. Vol. 4 P.96. and for several years next preceding his death he received his pension at Detroit Michigan from the pension agent Estrodas P. Hastings, Esquire. She further declares that she was married to the said Elijah Drake at Chening in the state of New York on the twenty sixth day of January, seven hundred and eighty eight from which time to the day after death she has the said Elijah lived together as husband and wife to the day of his deaththat said Elijah Drake died at Royal Oak aforesaid on the eighth day of April 1847. That she has any knowledge of any family record or other written evidence of said marriage nor; nor has she the knowledge that any person is now living of when the consummation after said marriage could proven she further says that she is now the widow of the Said Elijah Drake & has never before made any application for a pension sworn & subscribed to reponents on the

Eleventh day of April 1853 & I

certify that the above declaration Signed Abigail (X) Drake

was made before me clerk of court

in Consequence of the fact that the

applicant was by reason of bodily

infirmity made to appear in court.

Signed: Jos. T Copeland

Circuit Judge

- - - - - -