I, Elihu A. Drake, a resident of Winford in Hartford County, Connecticut, hereby depose and say, That he has been well acquainted with Gideon Drake & Annah Drake for more than thirty years past. That he is well knowing to the fact that the present widow Annah Drake is the surviving widow of Gideon formerly of East Windsor. The deponent has heard the said Gideon tell many circumstances of his services in the different periods of the War of the Revolution.

The oldest child of the said Gideon Drake, he is well acquainted with and her age is now 53 years & 7 months & the said Gideon Drake died at Westfield, Massachusetts on the 13th day of January AD 1832, And his widow has never again married but still remains his widow. Signed: Elihu A Drake

Attest: 4th of October, 1838 by: Jesse Charlton, Notary Public.

- - - -

Deposition of Shubael Bartlett, Pastor

I, Shubael Bartlett, now Pastor of the second congregational Church and Society of East Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut hereby certify, That I am a successor in the Pastoral Office to the Rev. Thomas Potwine who was minister in this church from May 18754 to Nov 1802.

And I further certify that since my settlement here, I have made diligent search for the record of marriages solomnized by my said predecessor, the said Rev. Thomas Potwine but have not been able to find any such record and I fully believe that if he made or kept any such record that they are entirely lost.

Signed: Shubael Bartlett, Pastor of the Second Church East Windsore Conn.

Dated: & Attested by: Jesse Charlton, 24th day of August, 1838.

- - - - -


I, James Moore, Town Clerk & Register of and for the Town of East Windsor in the County of Hartford and state of Connecticut hereby certify that I do not find anything of the marriage of Gideon Drake and Annah Allen in the public records of this office. And I further certify that the records contain the entry of very few marriages for fifty years previous to the year 1820. When a new law went into affect requiring of all persons who solomnized marriages that they cause the same to be entered in the records of the town where the marriage took place, and from the state of our records, no suspicion arises against the claims of persons in relation to their marriage from the circumstance that is no t recorded. Signed: James Moore, Town Clerk

Attested & dated by: Jesse Charlton, 23 day of August AD, 1838.

- - - - - -

Dated April 18, 1931 to Bureau of Pensions, Rev. & 1812 Wars Section

Rev. War Claim for pension of Gideon Drake, File No. W-14643

Remitter: Miss Alice M. Gay

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