#5206 - Massachusetts - Annah Drake widow of Gideon

Gideon was a Private in the Connecticut line

Inscribed on the roll at the rate of $34.66 per annum, to commence on the 4th day of March 1843.

Certificate of Pension issued the 2d day of April 1844 and sent to W. C. Bates of Westfield, Mass.

Recorded in Book A Volume 1 Page 266



Gideon Drake was maried March Hannah Drake was maried

March 18 AD 1789 in the 26 year of March the 18/1789 in the

his age. 19 year of her age.

Under this record is written:

State of Connecticut, Hartford County, So East Windsor, on this 4 day of October AD 1838 personally appeared before the probate court for the district of East Windsor, widow Annah Drake of Windsor in Hartford County a onerable person & made oath that the above is the record of her marriage made in the hand-writing of her husband Gideon Drake and that this was taken from her bible and is the oldest record she possesses or knows of in testimary, thereof, I Annah Drake do hereunto subscribes my name & affix the seal of said Probate Court at East Woodford aforesaid this 4th day of October, 1838. Attest: Wm Barnes, Judge


Gideon Drake was born May the Annah Drake was born June

20AD 1758 the 18AD 1760

Evin Drake was born August the 13 1806

Noah Root Drake was born June the 16 AD 1809


State of Connecticut

Hartford County, East Windsor on this 4th day of October AD 1838 personally appeared before the Probate Court for the District of East Windsor in said Hartford County now sitting & in open Court, Anna Drake, of Windsor in sd Hartford County, aged 73 years, a credible person, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed July 7th AD 1838.

That she is the widow of Gideon Drake, formerly a resident of said East Windsor, who served as a private soldier in the army of the Revolution at various periods of the War, & for a greater amount of time than she can yet fully prove, but she has living and credible evidence of the following tours.

First he enlisted into a company of state troops; enlisted the 20th of June 1776, to serve until the 25th of December 1776, the company was commanded by Capt. Simon Wolcott of said East Windsor, which was attached to Col Fisher Gays Regiment, is part of the sea battalion raised in Connecticut to go to New York in June 1776, that he marched to New York aforesaid and served until December 25, 1776, six months and five days.

And again he entered the service in the summer of the year 1777, she cannot name the month, but he went in Capt Hezekiah Bissells company from said East Windsor, which was attached to Col. Roger Newbury's Regiment & went to Peekskill and then served with the army for a period of two months.

And again in the year 1779, he went into a company was commanded by Capt. Jared Cone of Bolton in Connecticut was a part of Colonel Jonathan Wells Regiment. They served at New London from the 23d of August & he is credited for forty seven days.

And she, the declarant sees every reason to believe that the above is not even all the amount of her said husband's service but by reason of the death of almost all his former associates she cannot find the satisfactory evidence of the places; the officers, & the length of time which she understands must be shown.

After his return from Peekskill in the fall of 1777, he was one of the guards of General Prescott, a British general taken at Rhode Island & who was kept a prisoner a part of the time in East Windsor & after that in the fall and winter of 1777 & 78 in Enfield in Connecticut . . . . . . . . I have often heard him say this and I am informed that Jeryjah Bissell was one of the guards and that he was allowed two months time for this service in estimating the amount of time he served: but said Jeriyas Bissell has been dead two or three years and she knows not where to find a living witness. And is at an object with the government to trim off everything they possibly can from the claims of a poor widow, where the case is certainly honest, but where her witness is imprisoned in the grave.

She further declares that she was married to the said Gideon Drake by the Rev Thomas Potwine, pastor of the second Congregational Church in said town on the 1st day of March AD 1784 at the house of her father in said East Windsor.

And she further declares that her husband, the said Gideon Drake died on the 13th day of January AD 1832, & she still remains his widow.

That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the first of January 1794, viz, at the time she has stated above.

Signed: Annah Drake

Sworn to and subscribed on the day & year first named, before said probate court

And the said court do hereby declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter, that the said Gideon Drake served as is stated in the Declaration and that the Declarant is his surviving widow & was married to him as she has stated, & that he died in January 1832.

In testimony whereof, I Bezaleil Sexton, Clerk of the Probate Court for the district of East Windsor before named do certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings before said court in the matter of the application of Widow Annah Drake for a pension whereupon I do hereunto subscribe my name & affix the seal of said probate court at East Windsor aforesaid this 19th day of October, 1838.

Signed: Bezaleil Sexton, Clerk

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Rev. Widow &c. File No. 14643 - Annah Drake widow of Gideon Drake, Private in Rev. War.

From Act March 3 AD 1843 - Volume A, Page 196

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At top of Page 2641 - Massachusetts

Connecticut (crossed out)

Anna Drake, widow of Gideon Drake, dec'd who was a pensioner under the act of and who died on the 13 January, 1832 of Hartford Conn, who was a private in the company commanded by Capt Wolcott time in militia (10 months & 12 days)

Inscribed on the Roll of Connecticut at the rate of $34.06 per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1836.

Certificate of pension Issued the 3 day of May 1839 and sent to Jesse Charlton of East Windsor, Hite, Ct.

Arrears to the 4th of March 1839 . . . .$103.98

Semi-annual allowance ending 4 Sept . . 17.33

Total $121.31

Book A Vol. 1 Page 195

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(Per letter from Westfield May 20th 1841 from a Wm G Bates re: sending Widow Anna Drake's money to Boston, Mass.(she moves)

In April 1844, Another declaration is given by Annah and witnessed by her son, Gideon Drake, applying for another pension to certain widows (date of new act was March 3AD 1843

She then lived at Hampdon County, State of Massachusetts

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State of Connecticut}


Hartford County } East Windsor

On this 11th day of September, 1838, personally appeared before me, Jesse Charlton, a Notary Publish of and for the State of Connecticut, DANIEL ALLEN, a resident of said East Windsor, a credible person, to me well known who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath depose and say, that he was well acquainted with Gideon Drake, sixty five years ago, and tho he deponent was not old enough to have been in the service himself, yet he remembers said Drake going away to the army several times.

He well remembers, that the said Gideon Drake married ANNAH ALLEN of East Windsor. They were married at her father's house in said East Windsor on the 18th day of March seventeen hundred and Eighty four, deponent was present at the wedding: they were married by the Rev. Thomas Potwine a clergyman, Pastor of the Second Congregational Church in East Windsor. The said Gideon Drake died in the Winter of 1832; six years ago last winter & the said widow has never again intermarried. Deponent has been intimately acquainted with the family and is well knowing to the facts he has stated above.

Signed: Daniel Allen

11 Day of September, 1838 - Attested by: Jesse Charlton, Notary Public;

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Another Declaration from Hezekiah Mamsell dated 19 October 1838 regarding Gideon's service; He was eighty five years old and served along with Drake. He was from Hartford County, East Windsor, Conn.

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I, Thomas Bissell a resident of said East Windsore, aged 81 if I live to December, was a soldier in the War of the Revolution for which I receive a pension and I do hereby depose & say:

That some time in the summer of 177, I volunteered to join the army at Peekskill in N. York State. I went under Capt. Hezekiah Bissell & was attached to Col. Roger Newberry's Regiment of Militia; we marched from East Windsor through Farmington, Litchfield to Fishell, then to Peekskill & went up to Redbrook where we staid for a time, we were employed in watching the motions of the enemy, out scouting, a part of the time, in the woods, to prevent the tories from carrying provisions to the enemy.

in this tour there served with me among others, Gideon Drake, with whom I was well acquainted & who lived in this town after the war, many years. He, the said Gideon Drake, after the close of the war, married Annah Allen of this town, and lived with her near me, in the same school district and brought up a family of children, he, the said Gideon Drake, has been dead several years & his wife has never again married as the deponent has been credibly informed.

Signed: Thomas Bissell

State of Connecticut

Hartford County East Windsor

Attested by: Jesse Charlton, Notary Public

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Another Declaration dated 3 day of September, 1838 by: JONATHAN PASCO, a resident of East Windsor, served with Gideon Drake in Capt Cone's company, & attached to Col Jonathan Wells' Regiment during 1779.

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State of Connecticut

Hartford County East Windsor

On this 19th day of October AD 1838, personally appeared before the Court of Probate for the District of East Windsor, aforesaid, JESSE CHARLTON a resident of said East Windsor, a credible person who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, depose and say:

That he now has in his possession (by borrowing of the Grand-daughter's husband of Colonel Jonathan Wells, of East Hartford in Connecticut) the pay roll of Capt. Jared Cones Company for serving at New London from August 23, to the 26th of October, 1779, and the time of service is credited as 67 days, and on that pay roll together with many other persons is the name of Gideon Drake, and he is credited 67 days, and on that roll is the name of Jonathan Pasco, who has testified to the services of said Gideon Drake. The said Pasco entered a few days later than said Drake, & is credited for 46 days service, having entered Sept 13, 1779. The roll including officers has 91 names.

He further deposes and says that he has in his possession by borrowing of Capt. Simon Wolcotts son's wife, the roll of Capt. Simon Wolcotts company, in Col. Fisher Gay's Regiment: The service of the Captain & many of the company commence on the 20th of June 1776. Gideon Drake's services commence on that day & those of his witness Hezekiah Munsell June 22, 1776; the day on which the services terminated is not mentioned in the roll, but it was on the 25th day of December 1776 and may be seen by Hezekiah Munsells declaration by the deposition of Andrew Kingsbury Esq., sent to the pension office by me, with Mrs. Sarah Wilson's application, on acct of Lemuel Dixs service. and further this deponent saith not.

Signed: Jesse Charlton

Attested by: Bezaled Sexton, Clerk

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