State of Missouri

County of Jackson

On the sixteenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirty six personally appeared before me Joel F. Childs an acting justice of the peace in and for said county of Jackson, ISAAC DRAKE, a resident of the Six mile in Jackson County and state of Missouri, aged seventy two years who being first duly sworn according to law & oath on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of congress passed June 7th 1832.

I, Isaac Drake of the County of Jackson and state of Missouri was born February 1764 in the county of Morris and state of New Jersey where I grew up to the age of about sixteen when I volunteered in the service of the United States under the command of Capt David Young to guard the prisoners in the jail of Morristown which had been taken at Princeton & Trenton in which service I remained one month. And not long after that I volunteered again and went into the service United States under the command of Capt Jonas Wand and remained three months recrunostering? through the country watching and guarding against the enemy who was then at New York and Hunden Island and Long Island. We had several little scrimishes with plundering parties of the enemy but no regular battle as we were not with any main body of the army at the end of three months I was discharged and went to my father's in Morris County nine miles from Morristown. Shortly after I got home I went as a substitute for my brother STEPHEN DRAKE under Capt Hendricks called Bake Hendricks to Elizabethtown and George Washington army and we went with him to Stratin Island crossed on the ice and traned for a hard battle with the British and had a great many of our men killed and wounded after that we kept as before reconisting through the country in different small companies to Elizabethtown New Ark and we watching the enemy at - - - - -? places as we ? them in plundering parties; at the end of my three months I was discharged and returned to my father's shortly afterwards. I enlisted for twelve months under Capt Wands whose given name I can not recollect but I believe it was Idis and was under Capt Wands at Elizabethtown New Ark and through the country watching and guarding against the enemy who was still at New York Straten Island for a long ?? and for more than half the years and in a scrimish at the mouth of a stream called Raughway River I was taken prisoner with eighteen others and taken to Stratin Island and from there sent to New York and from there I was kept for some three months and then frenoted? with some two or three hundred others which was about the time we herd that Cornwallace was taken. I returned to my Capt. at Elizabethtown with my frenote - he told me to go home. I don - - -? & have long since lost all my discharge and my perole and I now do not know of any person living near me who can testify to these parts.

My father moved to Pennsylvania where I enlisted in the service of the United States under Gen Wayn in Capt Butler's Company and William Leland was a Lieutenant in said company in which service I remained five years in what is now the State of Ohio and after I served in ???? years in Cincinnati and then I went across the Ohio River and lived five years in Newport. I moved from there to Henry County, Kentucky where I lived about three years and from there I removed to Saint Louis County, Missouri where I lived about sixteen years then removed to this county where I now live. I hereby relinquish every claim whatsoever to a pention or an annuity except the present and I declare that my name is not on the pention roll of any agency in any state.

Signed: Isaac Drake

Witnessed by: Michael Rice & Alford Coats

Att: 16th day of April 1836 by: Joel F. Childs