To the Comm of Pensions

Washington City

Dear Sir:

Having been applied to by the heirs of Isaac Drake, deceased to obtain the United States Government the amount due them on account of the services of their father (said Isaac Drake) as a soldier in the Revolutionary war, it is not improper, you will please suffer us to ask you for a little information relating to said services without which we can not possibly prepare their claim in such manner as it should be fore it is presented for allowance. The heirs are unable to tell us any thing in relation to the matter except that their father was in the Revolutionary Army about three years and they think, was under General Wayne.

They also say that their father made application for a pension a number of years ago perhaps 18 or 20, but that he ages?? at trading to it died before he had prosecuted the claim to a final hearing & it has been suffered to remain unattended to ever since the application is on file in your office, no doubt Isaac Drake died some ten or twelve years since.

Will you have the kindness to send us a copy of the application and other papers filed by Isaac Drake if you can find them? And let us know the names of the officers under whom Isaac Drake served, the length of time he was in the service, when discharged & when and where and when he entered the service together with such other information as may be necessary to enable us to prepare an application on behalf of the heirs?

This no doubt an unusual request but the peculiar circumstances of the case will, we hope, be a sufficient apology for having made them.

Very Respectfully, Woodson Christman & Comings

- - - - - -

Mrs. Green Ragan wrote for pension records for Isaac Drake

Her address was R R #1 Hickman Mills, Missouri. They sent the above data regarding his service. Noted also he died 10 or 12 years before the letter dated in 1853 so died c1841/2.

This letter was dated August 12, 1936;

Isaac Drake's claim was rejected;

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Another letter written to Washington from Chrisman & Comings re: Isaac's pension record. dated Aug 1st 1853.

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Daughters of the American Revolution (Insignia)




Independence, MO - Dec. 16th, 1912

Pension Bureau Washington DC


Can you give me any information as to whether or not a pension or land grant was given to either or both of the two soldiers that died near Fort Grange, Now Jackson County, Missouri and are buried in a family plot near Six Mile on the Mary Chiles Farm - Isaac Drake, who died Jan. 27-1837 and Thomas Potts, both these men served in the Revolutionary War. Can you give me their war record? If not will you place this letter in the hands of the one that can send me information. Also we want to place the Government Markers over these two graves. Any information you can give me that will throw light on the subject will be thankfully received.

Yours Sincerely, Mary Salisburg, Regent

PS: Did a Revolutionary Soldier named Shepherd (James) I think was the given name draw a pension or have a land grant. He settled south of Independence and is buried on his farm near Lee's Summit in Jackson County.

- - - - - -

Letter from Mrs. Madget Hensley Cofield -

Denver, Colorado

January 18th, 1920

to: Pension Bureau

Washington, D. C.