The Revolutionary War records of Isaac Drake & Josiah Dickson are furnished you herein.


The data which follow are found in the papers on file in pension claim, R.3072, based upon service of Isaac Drake in the Revolutionary War.

Isaac Drake was born in February 1764, in Morris County, New Jersey and resided there during most of the Revolutionary War; the name of his parents are not given. However, his father lived about nine miles from Morristown, NJ at the tim Isaac entered the service. Isaac's brother Stephen, lived there at that time also. Isaac Drake's father moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania; Isaac moved from Pennsylvania to Cincinnati, Ohio and lived about two years, then lived about five years in Newport, Kentucky, after that about three years in Henry County, Kentucky; he moved thence to Missouri, resided about sixteen years in St. Louis County, then in Ohio County and after that in Jackson County, Missouri; his residence in 1836 was Six Mile, in said Jackson County, Missouri.

Isaac Drake applied April 16, 1836 for the pension which might have been due on account of his service in the Revolutionary War. He stated then that at the age of sixteen years he volunteered in Captain David Young's New Jersey company and guarded prisoners one month at the jail at Morristown, that shortly after that, he served three months in Captain Jonas Ward's New Jersey company, in the vicinity of Staten Island and Long Island, NY that he served three months also in Captain Hendricks' New Jersey Company and was in the battle of Staten Island said serve as substitute for his brother, Stephen; that he enlisted next as private in Captain Ward's New Jersey company, was in a skirmish at the mouth of the Rahway River, was taken prisoner, carried to New York and held three months after which he was paroled; furthermore that he enlisted in Pennsylvania (to which state his father had moved) and served three years in Captain But ler's company under General Wayne in the section which was later Ohio. The claim for pension of Isaac Drake was not allowed as he failed to furnish proof of service as required by the pension law under which he applied.

In 1853, it was stated that Isaac Drake had been dead "some ten or twelve years since", the date of his death not given. In 1853, children of the soldier were living, but their names were not given, nor the name of the soldier's wife.

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(DATA GIVEN BUT NOT LISTED HERE). He received a pension, born April 1752, enlisted 1775 at Westmoreland County, Virginia:

Daughters of the American Revolution (Insignia)




Independence, MO January 13th, (no year given)

Mr. J L Davenport,

Commissioner, Bureau of Pensions

Department of Interior,

Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

In reply to yours of December the 27th, 1912, will the Government furnish a Marker for Isaac Drake? You say the proof that he served in the Revolutionary War was not sufficient to entitle him to a claim. I have written to Morris County, NJ to see if they can give me any information regarding this man, and also to Pennsylvania.

Let me know as soon as possible whether a Marker will be furnished for this man or not. He died June 29th, 1837 and is buried on a farm near Buckner, Jackson County, Missouri. He was 72 years, 4 months, 17 days old.

Awaiting an early reply, believe me to be,

Yours sincerely, Mrs. Mark S. Salisburg, Regent.