Jacob Drake 14685; of Erie County, in the State of NY who was a Priv in the Comp: commanded by Captain Seward of the Regt commanded by Col. Martin in the NY line for 6 mo. 25 days

Inscribed on the Roll of NY at the rate of $22.77 per annum to commence on this 4th day of March 1834.

Certificate of Pension issued the 12 day of June 1833 and sent to N. V. Hall, Buffalo, NY.

Arrears to the 4th of March 1833. . $45.54

Semi-anl allowance ending 4th Sept 11.38

Total $56.92

Revolutionary Claim, Act June 7, 1832 Recorded by. T. F. Francion, Clerk Book 6 Vol. 4 Page 9

(Transfer 23rd Oct. 1807 do to pen. agt 18 Jany 1838

To New Jersey for 4 September 1835 & 21 Jany 1838 - Notifi. sent to A. Gusten, Augusta, Sussex County, New Jersey

To N. J. May 12, 1838 to 3 and June 9, 1838.

Paid at the Treasury under the act of the C. April 1838 from 4 Sept 1835 to 4 Sept. 1837. Agent notified 12 July 1838.

Declaration of a Revolutionary Soldier who served in the

Militia to obtain a Pension under the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832

State of New York

Erie County ss:

On this 7th day of March 1833 personally appeared in open court, before the court of Common Pleas now sitting at Buffalo, in said County, Jacob Drake, a resident of Concord in the County of Erie and State of New York, aforesaid, aged 76 years, who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832, That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, and served as herein stated:

The he was born in the town of Frankford in the County of Sussex, in the State of New Jersey in the year 1755 on the 11th day of July. He has no record of his age he had one but it was burned with his house about 16 or 17 years since and the deponent further says that he resided in Frankford aforesaid when he first entered the service of the United States and continued to make it his home then during the Revolutionary War and until about twenty years since when he moved into the town of Concord in the county of Erie first and where he now resides. And this deponent further says that about the tenth day of June as far as he can recollectin the year 1775 he enlisted as a volunteer at Frankford aforesaid into the state troops of the State of New Jersey and (cut out here). . .next page -

which it was he is not positive, in Capt. Sewards on Sewards company, he does remember he first named, in Colonel Ephraim Martins regiment, the General he cannot remember, under Major Hankertons has first named he cannot recollect, the orderly Sergeants name of the company was Johnson, he does not remember any more . . . .most difficult to read here. . . .

(I will not continue as lots of the words are faded on micro-film

A Letter sent from A D Hiller, Executive Ass't to the Administrator

TO: Mr. H. W. Jenks

Box 424, Benjamin Franklin Station

Washington DC

DATED: May 25, 1940



S. 637

Dear Sir:

In compliance with your request of recent date, you are furnished herein the Revolutionary War record of Jacob Drake, as found in papers on file in claim for pension, S. 637, based upon his service in that war.

Jacob Drake was born July 14, 1755, in Frankford, Sussex County, New Jersey. The names of his parents were not given, his father was living during the Revolution.

While a resident of Frankford, New Jersey, Jacob Drake enlisted and served with the New Jersey troops as follows:

From June 10, 1775, four months and twenty days as a private in Captain John Seward's company, Colonel Ephraim Martin's regiment, and was in a skirmish near New York; from November 1, 1776, twenty five days as private in Captain Stull's company, Colonel Hankinson's regiment, and was in an engagement at Redbank, Pennsylvania; from January 15, 1777, one month in Captain Peter Hopkins' company, and was at the taking of the Hessians at Scott's Plains; a year or two later, ten days as sergeant in Captain Stull's company.

Jacob Drake moved from Frankford, New Jersey in the year of 1808 to Concord, Erie County, New York.

Jacob Drake was allowed pension on his application executed March 7, 1833, at which time he was living in Concord, New York.

In 1837, he had returned to Sussex County, New Jersey, to reside with "his friends and relatives." Their names were not states, nor is the date of death of the soldier, Jacob Drake, shown.

In order to obtain the date of last payment of pension, name and address of person paid, and possibly the date of death of this pensioner, you should apply to the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, this city, and furnish the following data:

Jacob Drake

Certificate # 14635

Issued June 12, 1833

Rate $22.77 per annum

Commenced March 4, 1831

Act of June 7, 1832

New Jersey Agency, transferred from Buffalo, New York Agency

Very truly yours,

A D Hiller

Letters requesting Jacob Drake's War Records:

Mrs. E. F. Conner

#33 St John's Place

Buffalo NY (Letter dated: May 28, 1909)

Mrs. J. F. Kurtz

305 South Ave C

Washington, Iowa (Dated: March 28, 1928)

H. W. Jenks

Box 424 Benjamin Franklin Pl

Washington, DC (Letter dated: May 22, 1940)

(Letters answered but not listed here/see above data which was sent to H. W. Jenks which is self-explanatory)

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