Abraham Drake of New Hampton in the State of New Hamshire who was a private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Poor for a term of 9 months, 1776.

Subscribed on the Roll of New Hampshire at the rate of $8 per month to commence on the 30th of April 1818.

certificate of Pension issued the 27th of March 1819 and sent to the Pensioner at New Hampton, Stafford County, New Hampshire.

Arrears to 4th of March 1819 1/30 - 6/30 = $81.29

semi-anl all'ce ending 6 Sept 1819 48.00

total $139.29

(Revolutionary Claim Act 18th March 1818

- - - - - - - -

Anna Drake, widow of Abraham Drake 205.930 Act. Feb 3, 1853

I Simeon Dana, a resident of New Hampshire in the County of Belknap and State of New Hampshire, aged seventy seven years and say that ______ make true answers to such interrogatories as may be ____to me.

QUESTION: Were you acquainted with Abraham Drake and his wife, Anna Drake?

ANSWER: I was well acquainted with them & resided within one mile of him the said Abraham Drake from the year 1800 until his death which took place about twenty or twenty one years ago.

QUESTION: Do you know that they were lawfully married?

ANSWER: I joined the said Abraham Drake and Anna Smith in marriage on the twenty third day of October 1816 at New Hampton and they lived together as husband and wife until his death.

QUESTION: Is the said Anna Drake now living it so where does she reside?

ANSWER: She is living, since the death of her husband has lived a part of the time in New Hampton and at other times visited her children at other places she now resides with her daughter Harkin at Moldernese about nine miles distant from me.

QUESTION: Was the said Abraham Drake a pensioner?

ANSWER: He was a Revolutionary pensioner and Anna Drake is the identical widow of him the said Abraham Drake.

Signed: Simeon Dana

(this above statement was taken August 6 1853 - verification made by Henry Y Simpson, Judge;

- - - - -

On the 30th February 1853 (note 30th??), taken at the County of Grafton, state of New Hampshire, another affidavit this time from Anna (Smith) Drake, she was then aged eighty three years old. She is declaring that she and Abraham were married 23 October, 1816 at New Hampton in the county of Belknap by Simeon Dana.

She also states that her husband, Abraham died at New Hampton 4th day of March 1832.

She has another affidavit on file dated 11th of August, 1855. Still trying for the pension.