CHLOE DRAKE - Widow of MELZOR DRAKE who was a private in the Massts Militia;

Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of 28 Dollars & 66 cents per annum, to commence on the 4th day of March, 1843

Certificate of Pension issued the 30th day of Nov. 1843 and sent to Wellis Dedhaine, Mass. (ACT of MARCH 3, 1843)

Recorded in Book A Page 40;

Certification Letter from Clerk of Sharon, Mass

I, Jeremiah Richards of Sharon in the County of Norfolk and State of Massachusetts hereby certify and say, that I hold at this time, the office of Clerk of said Town of Sharon and have the custody and keeping of the books and records of said town and on those records I find an entry of the intended marriage of Melser Drake and Cloe Morse of said Sharon in the following words, viz:

"Mr Melzer Drake and Miss Chloe Morse both of Sharon, Intend marriage - Sharon, October 23, 1784 - signed: Benj Hewins, Town Clerk"

And I further certify that I have searched the records aforesaid and not able to find the entry of the marriage of said Melzar Drake and Chloe Morse thereon_____. But I do find the entry of the birth of several of the children of said Melzar and Chloe on the aforesaid records and that two of which were entered in the following words and form viz: "Francis Drake Son of Melzor Drake and Chloe Drake, his wife, was born May 18thAD 1785" Ellis Drake Son of Melser Drake and Chloe Drake, his wife was born February 13th-AD. 1788-"

Signed: Jeremiah Richards, Clerk of the Town of Sharon

State of Massachusetts

County of Norfolk ss:

November 7, 1839, Then the above named Jeremiah Richards, Clerk of the Town of Sharon, and a credible Witness, subscribed to and made Oath that the matter by him certified and set forth on the foregoing instruments, so subscribed by him is just and true.

Before me Wm. Ellis, Justice of Peace

- - - - - - - - -

Pension Application #5807 - Cloe Drake - Mass. Act 7. July 38 - 85.d13 - Vol 2.16 - Tisher X; 20.85 Howell - 4mo.??

"Please to report the result to the subscriber at Dedham, Massst - Signed: Wm. Ellis

- - - - - - - - -

Affidavit from John Morse of Sharon

I, John Morse of Sharon in the County of Norfolk and State of Massachusetts being seventy-years of age, Hereby testify and say that I was personally acquainted with Melzer Drake, late of Sharon, deceased, during the Revolutionary war and afterwards till his death. I recollect that said Melzer Drake went several times away as a solder into the war service, one of these tours of service I remember was at the Rutland in the County of Worcester, Mass". When the troops of General Burgoynd as prisoners of war, were removed from Cambridge near Boston, to the Barrack or Depot at said Rutland in the month of April or May AD 1778, that I have heard the said Drake mention this tour after his return home from it, and I think this term of service at Rutland was either two or three months, and his officers in this service as it strikes my mind, were Capt. Thompson and Cols. Brooks & Haskell but I can not be positive as to the officers names; I was not in that service myself.

I further certify and say that I am knowing to the fact, that my sister, Cloe Drake, now the widow of Melser Drake decd, was lawfully married to said Melser Drake at Sharon aforesaid on the seventh day of April AD 1785 by George Crossman, a Justice of the Peace. I was present at the marriage ceremony, And I further say that said Melser Drake died, according to my best recollection, in the month of January AD. 1813 and I attended his funeral ceremonies at said Sharon,

And I further testify and say that I am knowing to the fact that said Cloe Drake has not intermarried since the death of her said husband but remains the widow of said Melser Drake, and resides in my neighborhood at the present time.

Signed: John Morse

State of Massachusetts

County of Norfolk ss:

July 12th 1839. Capt. John Morse above named who is known to the subscriber as a credible Witness, subscribed to and made Oath that the matter set forth in the foregoing statement by him so subscribed is, according to his best recollection and competent belief, true in every part thereof.

Signed: illegible:

- - - - - -

Cloe Drake Pension & Application:

State of Massachusetts, }

County of Norfolk, ss }

On this fourth day of June A.D. 1839, personally appeared in open Court before the Hon. Sherman Leland, Judge of the Court of Probate in and for said County of Norfolk. Cloe Drake, a resident of Sharon in said County, aged seventy four years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision, made by the Act of Congress, passed July 7th, A.D. 1838, entitled "An Act granting half pay and Pensions to certain Widows."

VIZ; I, Cloe Drake of Sharon in the County of Norfolk and State of Massachusetts, being seventy four years of age, declare and say, that I am the Widow of Melzer Drake, late of said Sharon, deceased, who rendered military services to the United States in the Revolutionary War, and which according to my own recollection and the best evidence within my knowledge, were performed as follows, viz:

Two months service as soldier at Rhode Island in Capt. Samuel Fishers Company and Col. Hawes Regiment, that this service began in the month of May and ended in the month of July in the year 1777.

Also two and a half months service as a soldier at the military Depot at Rutland in the County of Worcester, Massachusetts to guard the troops of General Burgoyne, Prisoners of War at the place that this service began about the first of May in the year 1778 and ended in the Summer of the same year and believe to be rendered in Capt. Thompson's company.

Also six months service as soldier at Providence and Newport in the State of Rhode Island in Capt. Howell's company and Capt. Tyler's Regiment that this time of service began in the month of June AD 1779 and ended in the month of December the same year making ten and a half months service.

I believe the said Melzer Drake, my late husband performed the military services aforesaid as a volunteer and never received any Pensions or gratuity therefor, from the United States nor from any hale?, that he never had any permanent residence or home but within the town of Sharon aforesaid and that I have no other document or proof to offer in aid of my claim than are herewith transmitted.

And I further declare and say, That my maiden name was Cloe Morse and I was lawfully married to the said Melzer Drake on the seventh day of April, AD 1785 that my late husband the said Melzer Drake died at Dedham in said County of Norfolk on the tenth day of January AD 1813, and I have remained a widow ever since that period. That I was not married to him the said Melzer Drake prior to his leaving the service aforesaid, but the marriage took place previous to the first of January, seventeen hundred and ninety four, vis. at the time above stated.

Signed Cloe (her mark) Drake

Sworn and Subscribed on the day and year first above written; before:

Leland, Judge of Probate

- - - - - - - - -

Widow, &c. File No. 24875 Cloe Drake widow of

Melzar Drake - Private Rev. War

Act Mch 3rd 1843 Index; Vol A; Page 196

Massachusetts 4591

Cloe Drake - Widow of Melzar Drake who was a pensioner under the Act of 1838; and who died on the 10 January, 1813; in the state of Massachusetts; who was a private in the Company commanded by Capt. (all the following on this is illegible, too faded to read).

Arrears to the 4th of Sept 1839 . . . . . . .$100.33

Semi-annual allowance ending 4 March 1846 . . 14.33


Certificate of Pensions issued the 20th day of 1837?

Recorded by L McCurdy, Clerk Book 4 Vol I, Page 83