I add Noah due to the fact, within the unselected records there is a letter requesting his information. Since this lady added so much on him, I will add here:


3816 Hubble Blvd.

Des Moines, IA

Dated: Nov. 4th - 1932

Commission of Pensions

Washington, D. C.


Please may I have copy of Noah Drake of Torrington, Connecticut - Revolutionary War - he is known to be a soldier of the Revolutionary war - and a Pensioner. Sometimes the Noah Drake's is confusing - Perhaps this will be helpful - of Noah Drake the Pensioner.

Enoch Drake married April 20, 1704, Sarah E. Barber 1st wife; their son Noah Drake born June 13 - 1714, he married Oct. 1st 1741 - Hannah Skinner, wed at Sinsbury, Connecticut, his son Noah Drake born May 30, 1743 died June 1743; Noah Drake 2d born May 5th 1744 died July 21st 1744; Noah Drake (3rd son named Noah) Born Sept 10, 1758 he married Anne Parsons born May 7, 1764, he served at Newfield, Connecticut.

Noah Drake and Anne Parsons' son Noah Drake Born 1784, died Nov. 1st 1874.

Noah Drake

Born June 13, 1714

md to Anne Skinner

had 3 sons named Noah

He settled at Linabury Conn.

Noah Drake, the Pensioner is mentioned in History of Torrington, Connecticut. I desire this information for DAR.

I do not know which Noah Drake was the Pensioner. If Noah Drake's children & wife were mentioned when he applied for his pension - sometimes the family was mentioned if living:

Noah Drake, born June 13, 1714 married Oct 1st 1741 to Hannah Skinner. Their children:

Noah, born May 30, 1743 died June 1743

Noah born May 5, 1744, died July 21st 1744

Moses born May 23, 1752, md Abigail Hubbard

Lucy born May 8, 1754 md Silas Tyler 1779

Noah born Sept 10, 1758 md Anne Parsons

born May 7, 1764 & settled Newfield, Conn.

Noah Drake, born 1758 md Anne Parsons had son:

Noah Drake, born 1784 died Nov 1st 1874, md Margaret


Hezekiah born March 7, 1789.

(Another letter of inquiry from Mrs. Emma Evans, State Center, Iowa, stated in her inquiry, Noah died c1849 and his wife, Anna Parsons died 1842.

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Oliver Drake 1758-1828 born at Taunton, Mass. served in the Revolutionary War, received a pension & died at Kennebec County, Maine. He had a daughter Anna Drake that married John Prescott (Winthrop, Me) April 24, 1799. Per a researcher: Mrs. Edgar (Prescott) Harvey - 3931 Shaw Ave. St. Louis MO - dated Nov. 22, 1926.

Then another letter in reply. To Mrs. Albert Scott Bryant, North Leeds, Maine: