State of New Hampshire

Stafford County

I Abraham Drake of New Hampton a citizen of the United States and resident at said New Hampton in the County of Stafford aforesaid in the state aforesaid do on oath declare that I served in the war of the Revolution the full term of time required by law of the United States made and possess in the month of March Anno Domini 1818 entitled an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War as is required to entitle me to be placed on the pension list of the said United States having entered the land service of the said United States on the Continental establishment and served as a private soldier against the common enemy from June 22nd 1775 until December 31st 1775 when the time for which I enlisted having expired. I was honourably discharged.

That I belonged to Capt. Kinmans company of Infantry in the Regiment commanded by Col., John Stork in the New Hampshire line, on the first day of Jan 1776 I again enlisted the continental services in Capt. Tiltons company and the Regiment commanded by Col. Enoch Poor for the term of one year but being taken sick I received an honourable discharge . . . . .this is a continuation of his service. Signed by: Abraham Drake

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