Affidavit given by brother, NATHANIEL DRAKE
August 5, 1853

I, Nathaniel Drake, a resident of New Hampton in the County of Belknap, State of New Hampshire aged eighty four years, depose and say that I am a brother of the late Abraham Drake that he was a Revolutionary pensioner at the rate of eight dollars a month that he married the widow Anna Smith for his second wife about thirty six or thirty seven years ago that they lived together as lawful husband and wife until his death which took place at his residence in New Hampton on the fourth day of March 1832 that we resided within ten then one miles of each other from seventeen hundred and eight till his death that his widow the said Anna Drake since the death of her husband has resided in New Hampton and other places with her children she is at this time in Holdemed with her daughter and is the identical widow of Abraham Drake aforesaid.

Signed by Nathaniel Drake (this was written by him also)

Subscribed by Henry Y Simpson, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

- - - - - -

An Affidavit given by John Smith - he served with Abraham Drake in the same company. Dated February 25th 1819.

An Affidavit given by Theoffilus Sanborn of knowing Abraham Drake and he also served with Abraham in same company. Dated February 25th 1819.